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Young Tempting Fate?

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by Digger

Tennessee Titans (2-1) electrifying quarterback, Vince Young, almost became the latest victim added to the Madden box cover curse. He landed awkwardly on his wrist late in their 31-14 trouncing of New Orleans.

Will the Madden Curse strike again?

Madden NFL box covers have doomed several players over the years. Is this myth? A jinx? Coincidence? One will never know but here’s a short list of players doomed shortly after making their appearances:

2001 - Eddie George has a productive regular season. However his bobbled reception turned interception for a TD was pivotal in Titans divisional playoff loss to Baltimore
2002 - Dante Culpepper suffers knee injury while Vikings were stumbling at 4-7, one year after reaching the NFC Championship Game.
2003 - Marshall Faulk, after four straight 1300+ yard seasons leading his Rams to two Super Bowl appearances in three seasons, plays with an injured ankle, fails to gain 1000 yards and Rams miss playoffs.
2004 - Falcons well publicized QB Michael Vick fractured his leg one day after Madden game went on sale during the pre-season.
2005 - Ray Lewis only season not recording an int as Ravens miss playoffs. In '06, he suffers a torn right hamstring in game 6 effectively ending his season.
2006 - Donovan McNabb refuted any “Madden Jinx” claims after his selection to ‘06 cover. In his first regular season game he was injured with a sports hernia which effected his play thru the next few games before finally opting for surgery. Eagles finish last.
2007 - Fantasy football favorite and NFL touchdown machine (27 in ‘05) Shaun Alexander had just led his team to the Super Bowl the previous season. He breaks his ankle.
2008 - Vince Young, Tennessee. Young exploded on the scene as a rookie and has quickly transformed the Titans from a rebuilding team into a contender. All fans will be holding their collective breaths each time he gets tackled. This kid is a rising NFL star and hard nose QB who isn’t afraid to scramble down field head first. Titans fans keep your fingers crossed.