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2008: Is the Sporting World Ready to Learn Lessons From 2007?

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by Digger

2008 is here. Happy New Year sports fans!

The sports world is already buzzing on our first day of 2008:
NFL's New England Patriots (16-0) looking to become Super Bowl Champs & 19-0.
Manchester United's (15-3-3, Premier League) return to glory.
NCAA Football is about to crown a new national champion.
Major League Baseball Spring Training begins next month and much much more.....

There will be new records, MVP's, rookies and action packed excitement as fans fill stadiums... tune in via televisions and radios from around the world.

One question? Have fans and athletes learned any lessons from difficult events of 2007?

This past year treated fans across the planet to exceptional moments in sports history in nearly every major category. Unfortunately, last year was also marred with tragedy, deception, greed, gambling, mafia infiltration, steroids, cheating and death. Very few sports escaped scandal. From NASCAR to soccer to football to baseball to referees fixing games to doping to suspensions to murders and so on...

I wonder how many up and coming athletes currently doping or experimenting soaked up how the sporting world is finally getting serious? How public humiliation impacts suspected/suspended players and their families, if at all? Realize how this could ultimately lead to disbarment from their beloved professions or school teams, loss of scholarships, contracts, endorsements... and most importantly premature health deterioration or loss of life.

2008 is a new year filled with new hope, optimism and opportunities for positive growth. Wouldn't it be great if all athletes, from our youngest children right on thru retired has-beens, can finally dismiss all disingenuous actions in preparation for athletic events from active participation to viewing? Is it really that hard to do? Hopefully, in all arenas of life, wisdom learned will create positive results in the days to come.

Leading by example rarely exists in our society. Preached often but rarely practiced. When did morality get replaced by greed? This is a far reaching problem which extends well beyond the realms of sports.

Hope is only a word if not supported by positive "actions". Stand up to evil infiltrations into the sports world. Lead by example not empty rhetoric. Educate kids of our world pitfalls and dangers related to cheating, doping, and other misguided activities... not just in sports, but also in the game of life.

"Just Say No" seems to have evaporated from public consciousness. Ronald Reagan's White House pushed this aggenda back in the 1980's. Former Topps President and CEO, Joel Shorin, joined forces with President Reagan's much publicized campaign against drugs infecting America's youths. Topps aggressively assisted by sloganing "Just Say No" messages on wrappers of Topps trading cards sold world wide.

In addition to teachings from within families and educational institutions perhaps it's time for more public companies to actively promote positive images in relation to their product or product message. Multi-billion dollar corporations with marketing budgets in the tens of millions might be better served promoting positive messages while joining the fight vs drugs and other abuses. It's almost a little surprising these companies haven't realized from a greed standpoint how a jingle could keep their products in minds for years to come. Who knows, perhaps upon reading this someone will see the light?

Many who have crossed various lines often express regret and shame years later for foolish choices made years earlier. A perfect opportunity to council and educate up and comers on the pitfalls of past mistakes.

2008 can become the year sports turns the corner and weeds out most evils which demonize or bring temptations to athletes of all ages.