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2008 Caribbean World Series Champions: Tigres del Licey!!

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Caribbean World Series (

The Licey Tigers of the Dominican Republic has won the 2008 Caribbean World Series by way of an 8-2 thrashing over fellow DR team and 2007 Champs Aguilas Cibaenas.

It's a shame this tourney was not covered by the likes of ESPN or national radio on a daily basis. Many fan favorite MLB players were on teams rosters this winter and a national audience was deserved. Fans from across the globe would have marveled at the atmosphere generated by fans in attendance. Music blaring, children dancing, fans cheering and heckling opponents brings a new aura to the worlds greatest game.

Hopefully in the near future these games can be viewed an appreciated on a national level beyond the host country. Trading card companies have also missed the beat by failing to produce cards depicting these and other tournaments outside of the USA (Japanese All Stars vs American All Stars comes to mind). Hopefully one day soon the powers that be will realize fans from multiple countries are.... fans. With baseball's popularity at an all time high... televising these games would be a natural progression.

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NHL Reinstates Disgraced Illegal Gambler and Coach, Rick Tocchet

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Rick Tocchet has finished his two year NHL imposed suspension for his association with "Operation Slapshot" - an illegal sports gambling ring run by former New Jersey State Trooper James Harney.

Tocchet's return is not without conditions (3) set by the league: no gambling in any way, remain in a standing of good conduct, and by entering the NHL Substance Abuse and Behavioral Program to determine if he has a gambling addiction.

This world is full of second chances and Tocchet should be grateful for his reinstatement by league officials as Assistant Coach of Phoenix Coyotes. Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner, has been quoted on “There is no evidence that anyone, including Mr. Tocchet, did anything that in any way or at any time compromised the integrity of NHL hockey or any NHL hockey game.” This statement is backed up by an official investigation by law enforcement authorities concluded Tocchet's participation in no way directly compromised the integrity of any games and cleared the accused from connection to organized crime.

This scandal did not receive an abundance of media coverage due to many other tainted and seemingly endless sports news misfits. America's four major sports leagues and figures have all faced embarassing times of late. Baseball's steroid/hgh fiasco, NBA referee's fixing games for betting purposes, NHL's Tocchet and NFL's Spy Gate Patriots and Michael Vick. Not long ago, tennis legend John McEnroe raised eyes by suggesting organized crime is infiltrating professional tennis. Marion Jones was stripped of her five Olympic Gold medals by the IOC. OJ Simpson returned to front page news. These were just a few of the many crazy stories from 2007. This year is still young... more to come.

It's a bit mind boggling the NHL has allowed Tocchet back. Most other major sports would have leveled a lifetime ban against any player wagering on a game regardless if the said outcome was effected. Make the most of this opportunity Rick.... second chances often revitalize careers and lives if handled properly. Thank your lucky stars.


Shaq Attack Heads West - Suns Deal for Injured Superstar

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Shaquille O'Neal has been traded by the lame duck Miami Heat (NBA worst 9-38) to the Phoenix Suns (34-15). In return for Shaq, Miami receives forward Shawn Marion and guard Marcus Banks in a deal which stunned the NBA world.

Phoenix sports the NBA Western Conference best overall record and left many scratching their heads as to why President & GM Steve Kerr would make such a deal when his team is flying high? Marion is entering the prime of his career while Shaq is banged up and will certainly slow down a fast paced attack.

Perhaps, Phoenix rationale is from thinking their quick team isn't strong enough to make a run at the Championship without a big man crashing the boards and slamming dunks. However, with his fragile body chronic aches and pains, can Shaq help at all? Phoenix will soon find out if he helps or shakes up team chemistry.

Losing Marion will be felt for years to come and his presence will be sorely missed. Kerr gave up way too much for Shaq when he probably could have traded future draft picks ... or better yet... not made this deal at all.

Hopefully, Stevie will get to work soon updating his resume... he's going to need it after this 2007/08 season concludes.