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50th Daytona 500 Begins New NASCAR Season

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by Digger

2008 NASCAR season is underway as Ryan Newman won today's 50th Daytona 500.

(Daytona Results)

This season promises to be as exciting as ever. Many fan favorite drivers have new teams, new numbers, new cars, new sponsors... theme word: new. Even NASCAR has gotten into this "new" wave ... NEXTEL is out, now renamed Sprint Cup Series is in. New fans by the minute, new drivers from other racing venues, new sponsors... need I say more.

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Clemens Wild Pitch. Rocket Crashes.

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by Digger

"Rocket" Roger Clemens has crashed and burned.

Clemens is one of the big name players implicated as a HGH user in George Mitchell's pathetic investigation into Major League Baseball's current steroid/HGH scandal. Ever since his name was outed pubicly, Clemens has been on a torrid war path to clear his name from wrong doing. The more he yells, denies and lies... the more guilty he has become in the public arena.

This afternoon he testified before an irate group of Congressmen who continue to hold hearings into steroids/HGH abuse by baseball players. Clemens and McNamee (former disgraced NYPD officer and trainer who claims to have injected Clemens) were grilled for hours by the committee. Both men were called liars. Both men glared at each other and pointed harsh accounts of what supposedly happened and never happened. Even Clemens wife was named by McNamee as a user.

McNamee, obviously waited for the day to out Roger, had saved used syringes, cotton swabs and other materials he claims were used to inject Clemens with HGH. One might suspect these items were saved for blackmail purposes to be used against his close personal friend at a later date (he did not save anything from other injected players).

Clemens has also been implicated in witness tampering stemming from a party he denies attending at Jose Canseco's residence. The witness, Clemens nanny, places Roger at this party.

Further damaging allegations stem from Rogers best friend, Andy Pettitte. Pettitte claims both men were supplied HGH by McNamee (Pettitte admitted trying HGH). Another former teammate, Chuck Knoblauch, has also implicated Clemens.

Democrats in committee vigorously questioned Clemens and were not impressed by his answers. Republicans went hard after McNamee. It's safe to say both parties were convinced Clemens and McNamee were both liars. Public opinion suggest niether were believable.

Seems to me the more Roger opens his trap the deeper he gets. His claim of Pettitte being "misheard" stretches common sense. Clemens is imploding and most certainly will soon face perjury charges. McNamee will soon follow.

Sometimes the guilty fall hardest. President Clinton's lied directly to the American public over his extra marital affairs. Rafael Palmeiro's finger waving denials, Mark McGwire's refusal to speak of his past, and a boat load of other athletes denials ... all have one common demoninator - GUILTY as charged.

Roger has dug himself a deep hole. The more he speaks, the deeper the cheater sinks. As far as public opinion goes, from sports reporters to Congressional committee's to fans eyes, Rocket has crashed and burned. He's in quicksand and sinking by the minute with no chance of saving his name.

Give up your foolish behaviour Rog. After today, no one cares to listen anymore. You're sounding more and more like a little girl kicking, screaming... anything to avoid fessing up what everyone seems to know. Guilty as charged.

It's time to let go.