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Brett Favre Retires After 17 Seasons

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by Digger

Upon being named the Green Bay Packers starting QB in 1992, Brett Favre started 253 consecutive games. The streak is now over as Favre formally announced his retirement from active duty in the National Football League.

He was a true leader and one of the greatest players ever to wear an NFL uniform. He retires with many all time records:
253 consecutive games started by QB (275 including playoffs)
61,655 passing yards
442 touchdown passes
5377 completions
8758 pass attempts
288 interceptions
3 Most Valuable Player awards

Favre played the game with sheer guts and determination while quickly becoming a winner on and off of the field. Under his leadership, Green Bay played in two consecutive Super Bowls including a victory over New England in 1997. His strong armed style left dents in Packer receivers chests. His precision passes often miraculously to buzzed between defenders out stretched arms into his awaiting receivers. He was a players player and a true leader.

It was a bit of a disappointment for me not being able to watch Favre play more often during earlier years. While he many not have appeared as graceful as a Dan Marino or Peyton Manning... he knew how to get the job done... whether it was slipping around pass rushers and throwing off balance, or putting his head down to claw his way into the endzone... Brett's number one goal at all times was to win football games.

He's been a class act to fans, teammates, the league and his family. Who can forget his emotional and victorious performance immediately after his father passed away? Or his emphatic Super Bowl celebration? I don't think this guy knew how to play boring. Even some of his record interceptions were thrilling to watch.

Brett Favre retired how he wanted to... on top of his game and without any pressure. A true Champion whose legacy will always be remembered fondly. Congratulations Brett and good luck in your next venture!


All World All Sports 2008 MLB Predicitons: Awards

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Playoff Qualifiers

AL East - Red Sox
AL Central - Tigers
AL West - Angels
AL Wild Card - Mariners
AL Champion - Tigers

NL East - Mets
NL Central - Cubs
NL West - Rockies
NL Wild Card - Braves
NL Champion - Mets

World Series Champion - Detroit Tigers


AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera (Det)
NL MVP: Aramis Ramirez (Chi)

AL Cy Young: Josh Beckett (Bos)
NL Cy Young: Carlos Zambrano (Chi)

AL Rookie: Joba Chamberlain (NYY)
NL Rookie: Kosuke Fukudome (Chi)

AL Mgr: John McLaren (Sea)
NL Mgr: John Russell (Pit)

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