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by Digger

Baseball fans are busy voting for their favorite players for this years' MLB All Star Game. Historic Yankee Stadium is in its' final season and will host the festivities in grand style.

All World All Sports presents our first annual All Star Game selections position by position. National League stars have been selected based on actual performance (fans select favorites for gameday).

All World All Sports National League All Star Selections (click on players names for stats):

Manager: Clint Hurdle, Colorado
1st Base: Lance Berkman, Houston
2nd Base: Dan Uggla, Florida
3rd Base: Chipper Jones, Atlanta
Short Stop: Hanley Ramirez, Florida
Left Field: Ryan Braun, Milwaukee
Cntr Field: Nate McLouth, Pittsburgh
Right Field: Ryan Ludwick, St. Louis
Catcher: Brian McCann, Atlanta
Designated Hitter: Albert Pujols, St. Louis (*injured*)
Starting Pitcher-R: Edinson Volquez, Cincinnati
Starting Pitcher-L: Cole Hamels, Philadelphia
Setup Reliever: Taylor Buchholz, Colorado
Closer: Brad Lidge, Philadelphia

*Injury Replacement for DH Albert Pujols - Chase Utley, Philadelphia

All World All Sports National League Starting Lineup
SS- Ramirez
CF- McLouth
3B- Jones
1B- Berkman
DH- Utley
2B- Uggla
3B- Braun
C- McCann
RF- Ludwick
Starting Pitcher: Edinson Volquez

(*Note- these selections are not official. Actual MLB results/starters will differ based on fan voting*).