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Digger's Week 7 NFL Picks

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by Digger

7 correct selections in Week 6 doesn't cut it. Good thing I didn't lay out any bets. Week 7 is a different story. This week, making the right call is key. Here they are......

San Diego (3-3) @ Buffalo (4-1): Big stepping stone game for a Bills team trying to prove they're the real deal. Buffalo in a close contest, 26-24.

Minnesota (3-3) @ Chicago (3-3): Vikings suddenly find themselves in a first place tie. Chicago is struggling to win consistantly. Hard nosed game won by da Bears, 16-12.

Pittsburgh (4-1) @ Cincinnati (0-6): Don't get lulled into thinking this one will be a Pittsburgh blowout. It should be but these teams carry grudges and will fight to the finish. Bengals offense is still missing plus defense getting ripped equals no wins. Steelers finding ways to win do it again, 27-17.

Tennessee (5-0) @ Kansas City (1-4): Titans playing balanced football. KC's Gonzalez miffed & stunned not to be traded. KC is in shambles. Titans trounce 34-6.

Dallas (4-2) @ St Louis (1-4): Cowboys' injuries and drama heating up. Brad Johnson should start this weekend for injured Romo. Rams finally won last week but it was a fluke. Cowboys sling Rams, 41-23.

Baltimore (2-3) @ Miami (3-2): The jury is still out on both squads. Ravens D continues to punish opponents. Offense continues to sputter. Dolphins looked exceptional vs New England and San Diego. QB edge favors Miami which could be the difference. 'Phins win 22-10.

San Francisco (2-4) @ Giants (4-1): Giants a bit dinged up but should rebound after a flat performance on Monday Night Football. SF is a work in progress and need ball control to have any shot. Giants bounce back, 27-23.

New Orleans (3-3) @ Carolina (4-2): Saints erratic. Panthers playing for keeps. Carolina wins, 33-27.

Detroit (0-5) @ Houston (1-4): Tale of the terribles. Detroit traded WR Williams to Dallas for 3 picks. Lions one of football's all time worst managed franchises. Houston keeps trying to rebuild has shown flashes of promise. Texans roast Lions, 20-9.

Jets (3-2) @ Oakland (1-4): Favre & Co. starting to get on same page. Jets getting ready for lift off. Raiders organization has splintered again. Favre picks apart spacious Raiders D, 36-22.

Indianapolis (3-2) @ Green Bay (3-3): If Rogers is able to play Green Bay might survive. Both teams have had their moments, good and ugly. Colts stomp Pack 33-7 (if Rogers out, 33-17 with Rogers).

Cleveland (2-3) @ Washington (4-2): 2 stunners last week. Cleveland conquering Giants and Skins last second loss to Rams. Cleveland is overmatched. Skins 31-16 winners.

Seattle (1-4) @ Tampa Bay (4-2): Point blank, Seattle has been pathetic at times. Tampa Bay could easily be undefeated. Offense puts up big stats vs slumping 'Hawks. TB rocks 34-10.

Denver (4-2) @ New England (3-2): Lucky Broncos offense lights up scoreboards because their defense can't stop anyone. Pats are searching for answers and plays for sub Cassell. So far not too smooth. It'll be a shootout in Foxboro Monday night. Denver wins 36-32.

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Controversy Brewing Again. Can Dallas Finally Learn to Cope?

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by Digger

Dallas Cowboys outspoken owner Jerry Jones has his hands full once again. America's Team is back making headlines in 2008. Probably not the kind Jerry wanted to be reading mid-season.

I don't think anyone in Cowboys country questions JJ's commitment to winning. Sometimes, fans rightfully question whether Jerry or a few players should be committed by the white coat brigade. Jones has been faced with many controversies during his tenure. Some self created.

When Jones took over in 1989 the Cowboys were in dire need of a change. Legendary Hall of Fame Coach Tom Landry was quickly cast aside without an ounce of due respects shown to a man whose innovations helped shape how the game of football was to be played... and won. On a drunken night after consecutive Super Bowl victories, Jones insulted Head Coach Jimmy Johnson resulting in a parting of ways. The team, while continuing to win, was soon mired in mini-drama's. Sex scandals, drug users, arrests, player stabbings, multiple coaching changes, high profile contract disputes, signing troubled players and recent playoff failures have all made headlines during the years.

So why should 2008 be any different? It's not.

Dallas was picked by many to represent the NFC in the big game. Last season's late collapse and playoff failure was labelled a fluke and learning experience. The Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo romance was a distraction no more. Snapshots of Cabo getaways were now history. Whirlwinds surrounding Terrell Owens dissipated. Cowboys had a monster draft. Players contracts secured. All happy and ready to play. Except, Jones' Cowboys did have one side note which has come back to bite them. PacMan Jones.

Jones aggressive pursuit of criminally challenged and suspended PacMan was a joke. Just when waters calmed in Dallas, Jerry added another shark. PacMan's arrival promised more negative headlines and increased risk to team chemistry. He's been arrested and suspended again.

Thrown into the mix....
*Injury to Tony Romo's throwing hand last weekend during an overtime loss to Arizona. His status for the next month is uncertain.
*Earlier this season while still undefeated, T.O. complained of his lack of inclusion in the game plan. Dallas soon scripted plays for T.O. and has since lost twice.
*Inconsistent play on both sides of the line has started to raise eyebrows.
*Jones arrest has naysayers using the "I told you so" line.
*Punter Mat McBriar (49.0 yd/p) was lost for the year when his punt was blocked for a game ending overtime loss.
*Rookie sensation Felix Jones was lost for two weeks with hamstring concerns.
*Cornerback Terence Newman is recovering from surgery.
*Trade deadline deal lands a new WR. THREE draft picks given to Detroit for wideout Roy Williams. An interesting move depending on how well Owens adjusts to the new kid in town.
*With all the above taking place in a very short period of time, fans have been left wondering "what's next?" and "not again!"

Local Dallas sports talk radio has been hopping this week. NFC East is NFL's toughest. Cowboys sudden player injuries and side shows could derail what was to be a promising season. Dallas has depth and talent to survive at all positions lost to injuries. Question is... do they have the mental toughness to gell as a "team" or will they self destruct?

In recent times, self destruction prevailed. Will 2008 be written as the year Dallas finally shows maturity on their way to a title? Or, will this be just another promising year wasted by poor attitudes on and off the field of play?

NFL Super Bowl Champions all have one common denominator = "Team"
Team effort. Team chemistry. Team character.

All players contributed on the greatest of Championship teams. New England, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Miami, Washington, Oakland and Denver... all had chemistry and strong team leaders. They had the ability to survive injuries and distractions. True champions of the gridiron.

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