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Manny Being Manny! Slugger Rejects LA's $45M Offer!

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by Digger

Manny being Manny. Anyone paying attention to Manny Ramirez drama filled career shouldn't be too surprised he's holding out for more money while spring training games are in full swing. Baseball economics must be in tip top shape during these trying times. Star players are still commanding top dollar. Manny wants more. Will LA budge? Mixed emotions.

The Dodgers offense needs this guy. Manny's single handedly carried the Dodgers for 53 games after arriving via trade. He hit .396, slugged .743 while leading LA into the Playoffs. Manny being Manny. Rejecting a whopping offer. Now missing spring training. Holding out for better offers? One would think nearly every MLB would be banging on the door. Not so.

During his Hall of Fame style career, he's been accused of not giving it his all on every play. Sometimes, putting himself over teammates by not wanting to play. He more or less wore out his welcome in Boston. Former Sox teammates even had a few parting shots for their old friend. In LA, things seemed great. Right now it's about money and contract length. No teammates are publicly grumbling.... yet!

Baseball economics. As politicians continue their sky is falling rhetoric, baseball acts as if they're immune. 2009 will be challenging on many fronts. Ad revenues will be slashed. Gate receipts will vary from city to city. Corporate box seats could be on auction blocks.... at least they should be! How many families of four will be able to afford ticket prices? Throw in parking, gas, tolls, $10 hotdogs all while worrying about making ends meet.... Thousands of people losing their jobs world wide so when baseball players sit around holding out for millions more than offered...? Should fans care? Not this one.

Get a grip Manny, greed isn't always good. Shut up. Sign up. Suit up. Batter up.


USA Getting Ready for World Baseball Classic!

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by Digger

World Baseball Classic rosters were finalized and announced this week. Team USA is looking to avenge their poor results from 2006. USA 2009 will be skippered by no nonsense Manager Davey Johnson. DJ is focused on winning it all. It's already been made clear players in the groove will play most often.

Sometimes teams overloaded with super talent coaches/managers tend to try getting everyone into games. The results often weaken clubs. USA's failed Dream Team Olympic Basketball squads are perfect examples of enormous talent failing to win it all. The worlds best players will be representing their countries in WBC play. There will be a wide variety of baseball styles. USA had better be ready to play. Opening games begin March 5th.

Johnson's USA WBC lineup is set for the 16 team double elimation format. USA will carry 14 pitchers (10 relievers). Oswalt & Peavy will pitch the first two games. Lilly & Guthrie will fill in when necessary. 10 relievers is a must as WBC has set pitch count guidelines for starters (1st round 65, 2nd 80, Semi's + Finals 95). A deep pen provides plenty of fresh arms.

Time to fill out my projected lineup card vs Davey's:

SS - Rollins
CF - Granderson
RF - Sizemore
DH - Chipper
1B - Youkilis
3B - Wright
C - McCann
LF - Braun
2B - Pedroia

DJ will be starting team Captain Derek Jeter (batting 2nd) and is currently leaning towards Sizemore in center and Hawpe batting 9th in RF.

USA's first opponent is Canada (March 7). They've got a few big bats too (Jason Bay, Jay Votto, Justin Morneau).

The majors biggest names will represent their homelands. No weak teams in this tourney. Baseball season is back... time flies!



World's Top 64 Golfers T Up for Match Play

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by Digger

Three time winner Tiger Woods seems to be the featured event at this years Accenture Match Play Championships. Tiger makes his return from surgery joining the world's top 64 players for one of PGA's most entertaining competitions.

Match play is different than most tournaments. This is a bracket format similar to NCAA Basketball & Tennis styles. "The four brackets at the Accenture Match Play Championship are named in honor of Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Gary Player and Sam Snead. Players in each of the four brackets are seeded No. 1 through No. 16, with the top-ranked golfer playing the No. 16 seed, No. 2 pairing off against No. 15, No. 3 vs. No. 14, and so forth in the first round." ( 2/20/09)

So far all the attention has been on Tiger Woods return to action. TV ratings were dramatically down during his absence and will undoubtably skyrocket for this week's event. Online fantasy golf games have woken up too. To no one's surprise, Woods has been the top pick in most drafts.

This is probably my favorite golf format aside from the Masters & US Open. Mano-a-mano. The top 64 hackers all have a shot at winning. There's no recovering from a poor first round creating one of the most pressure packed opening days. Strategies will be fun to watch. Rip it and grip it? Or, slow steady mistake free play?