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NFL Week 4 Predictions

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-Digger's Daily-

We were treated to some great games last week and one major upset. Detroit won their first game against an inept Washington Redskins team. Brett Favre's game winning td pass with :02 left sent shockwaves to the California cost. Coach Ryan has the undefeated New York Jets defense pounding opponents. I picked only 9 winners last week bringing my season total to 29-19. Far below my norm. Time to get back to winning ways.

Week 4 (home in BOLD):

CHICAGO 26 Detroit 10 Bears beginning to gel. Lions try building off first win, not yet.

Cincinnati 27 CLEVELAND 13 Bengals playing well. Cleveland in turmoil changes starting QB.

INDIANAPOLIS 28 Seattle 20 Manning's offense looking good in clutch. Seahawks trying to find rythm.

NY Giants 34 KANSAS CITY 14 Eli has excellent targets afterall. KC no match unless NY takes them lightly.

Baltimore 24 NEW ENGLAND 23 Ravens looking Super. Patriots are not. Expecting a close one here. Picking Baltimore on the road might be stretching it but their offense has greatly improved.

Tampa Bay 17 WASHINGTON 14 'Skins lose to another cellar dweller.

Tennessee 27 JACKSONVILLE 23 Titans need this game. Jags playing tough but are no match for pounding running game.

HOUSTON 31 Oakland 21 Texans D will steal the ball all game long.

NEW ORLEANS 30 New York Jets 24 Saints facing outstanding and motivated Jets D. Whoever makes least mistakes wins this one.

Buffalo 26 MIAMI 3 Bills will dominate here. Pennington is done for the year. Miami's secondary has many holes. Hurry up offense will drown Dolphins.

SAN FRANCISCO 23 St. Louis 10 Learning how to regroup after a last second loss will go a long way for SF. Rams not a good team but shouldn't be taken lightly.

DENVER 24 Dallas 20 Huge test for both teams. Speedy Denver WR's could have a field day vs terrible Dallas secondary. Orton needs to be sharp. Denver's stifling D takes on an inconsistent Romo led offense. This is one of my two suggested must watch games.

San Diego 17 PITTSBURGH 16 Where is Pittsburgh's offense?

MINNESOTA 36 Green Bay 24 (Monday Night Football) My other must watch game. Favre hosts his former teammates. Both teams will be very pumped up for this one. Vikings defense is better. Adrian might gain 150+ on the ground. Favre's Vikings win pulling away.

Bye: Arizona, Atlanta, Carolina, Philadelphia



Pennant Fever 2009: Minnesota vs Detroit

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-Digger's Daily-

Did anyone watch yesterday's twinbill between Minnesota and Detroit? The AL Central is at stake (and a playoff birth). Minnesota came in trailing host Detroit by two games. Mr. Clutch Orlando Cabrera won the opener with a 10th inning go ahead single. The Tigers split by winning the second game behind a gutsy performance from ace Justin Verlander.

Every game is a must win. These two square off for two more games this week. Tomorrow's game is national on ESPN. Detroit needs to win both to clinch. Their final 3 games of the year are against Chicago. Minnesota wants to get at least one before heading home to close out the Metrodome for 3 against Kansas City.

The Twins had won 11 of 12 before dropping yesterday's second game. They're red hot even without former AL MVP Justin Morneau. September has been a rough month for Detroit. They lost 9 of 12 during a recent stretch leading up to this series. Never say never. Here come the Twins.

I've always been a fan of Detroit baseball but it's hard not to root for the scrappy Twins. Manager Ron Gardenhire knows how to push his players buttons. They're suddenly hot after most had given them up for dead. The Tigers need to come out of this series maintaining their two game lead. Otherwise, they could very well lose out to the hottest team in baseball.

Recent September's featured storied comebacks and collapses. Colorado stunned the world before losing the World Series to Boston in 2007. Back to back chokes by the New York Mets. Philadelphia's hot final months. Colorado has stormed back late again this season and seem poised to clinch a wild card birth. October baseball Playoffs and NFL games. It's a great time of year. It could get a whole lot better if I'm fortunate to watch a World Series game at Yankee Stadium this season!

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Obama's New Campaign - 2016 Summer Olympics

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-Digger's Daily-

Madrid, Spain? Tokyo, Japan? Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? Chicago, USA? Which city will receive the International Olympic Committee's nod to host the 2016 Summer Olympics? President Obama has decided to campaign personally for his adopted home city of Chicago by making a whirlwind personal appearance in two days.

President Obama has spent the past few weeks campaigning on television regularly in our country. He's attempting to cash in on his one time star power status promoting wide ranging personal and controversial issues. He's addressed the nation. Conducted multiple interviews most major networks. Appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. Addressed world leaders and reprentatives at the United Nations and G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh with plenty of press coverage.

There's more to come later this week as the press is certain to follow the carbon footprint trail of Obama's journey to Copenhagen, Denmark. Our President will be puting his best foot foward trying to bring the Olympics to our nation. His entourage will feature many diplomats, sports celebrities and our First Lady. He's getting ready to play some hard ball against stiff competition. Presidential appeals helped London secure the 2012 Games and Russia hosting 2014 Winter venue. Can he pull it off?

It would be an honor for our country to play host. The Summer Olympics is one of the greatest and most respected sporting traditions. Oympics also represents the one venue where countries put aside personal differences as the world's greatest athletes compete for Gold. Correspondents seem to believe US is in the lead since games were recently held Asia, Europe and Australia. A personal appearance could help seal the deal.

However, Obama's critics at home wonder about the timing of becoming the first US President make an in-person appeal at the Committee meeting. Iran rattled sabres this week conducting military drills, missile tests and war tone rhetoric after announcing to the world they have constructed another nuclear facility. It is a direct slap in the face of the much anticipated "talks" scheduled for this Thursday where nation leaders hope Iran will come clean. It's clear they won't. President Obama vowed to remain personally involved in top agenda issue health care reform which is facing intense debate this week. Our General in Afghanistan made it known he has not spoken with the President in over two months and needs more troop support. Public angst over ecomonic issues, job losses, war and health care. There's also been a backlash from Chicago residents who do not want their city hosting the games. And, from Chicago critics who claim the cities corruption will profit too.

My two cents on this issue is conflicting on varying levels. First off, I think hosting the Olympics would be great for national pride and economic factors. Second, It's too late now but I believe it would have been prudent to have selected a different host city. Chicago is already, and has been, a thriving city. Corruption is another issue. Detroit is a city in trouble and would've been the perfect choice. It could have been an economic boom for a city with unsustainable unemployment figures. For a city decimated by the auto collapse. Detroit on the map forever. State of the art sports stadiums already reside in the Motor City. There's plenty of vacant real estate to build complex facilities required to house games, athletes and visitors. Just think of the thousands of jobs it would have created for people desparately seeking employment. Local merchants and city/state revenue stabilized and revitalized. A complete facelift for a city in need. It's not to be. Chicago is a fine city so no one should take my comments as a slap against it or people living there. That said, I strongly believe Detroit warranted greater consideration.

My last point is all too obvious to anyone paying attention to recent world news during these threatening times. Obama's over exposed making speaches on wide ranging issues while appearing to be completely hands off instead of hands on for solving problems here at home and abroad. Speeches and tv appearances doesn't get the job done or save sliding poll numbers. Sports is not priority number one. The physical and ecomonic safety of our country and allies is job number one. When a General goes public stating he hasn't spoken with our Commander in Chief for over 70 days during a time of war... something is tragically awry.

Our First Lady and entourage carries plenty of star appeal and is quite capable of representing our great nation. This trip is an unnecessary distraction.


Detroit Lions Finally Win!

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-Digger's Daily-

The Detroit Lions finally managed to win a football game after 19 consecutive defeats. They've managed to shift laughingstock status over to the Washington Redskins (at least for a day). The monkey is off of their backs. I think many of us were seriously wondering if Detroit was gearing up to shatter the NFL consecutive loss record.

The Lions can now look forward. This young team has a chance for a bright future and today's win was a significant building block. They almost managed to blow it. Leading 19-14, Washington did get the ball back for one last shot but Detroit held on. Lions offense has a solid young nucleus. Rookie QB and top draft pick Matthew Stafford earned his first professional win. It was also his first game without a major mistake. Second year halfback Kevin Smith gained 100 yards. Offensively, they held the ball for over 36 minutes. The defense came up big and held Washington to 2 of 10 third downs and only 57 plays. It was a team effort. Hats off to the Detroit Lions!

Redskins fans must be sick to their stomachs. No team wanted to be the Lions first victim. Washington football has never been lower. They're a talented team without a leader. Jim Zorn seems to make one bad decision after another. QB Jason Campbell is not a field leader. Not a feared NFL QB. He'd be hard pressed finding a job as a backup on most other teams. So, why is Zorn sticking with him?

Heading into this season I figured on Eric Mangini being the first coach to get fired (it might still happen). Now I'm thinking Zorn could be gone by midweek (if not sooner). The Skins aren't responding positively to his coaching philosophy. Campbell can't move the offense. Their team owner is a win win kind of guy and this team is light years from challenging in the NFC East. Something has to give and it might be Daniel Snyder giving Zorn the boot.

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