NFL 2011 Predictions - Week 13


NFL 2011 Predictions - Week 13

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11 correct out of 13 in Week 11. Guess what? How about 13 of 16 in Week 12! Back in business which probably means I just jinxed Week 13. Season total now stands at 110-66 (62.5%) and counting.

Green Bay (12-0, NFC North) and San Francisco (9-2, NFC West) continue cementing their division leads. Green Bay's schedule gets a bit juicier in coming weeks. Giants then Oakland in next two. KC should be a cakewalk before closing out against Chicago and Detroit.

New York Giants handing NFC East to Dallas on a silver platter. Giants blew back to back games they should have won before getting steamrolled by New Orleans on MNF. New England is on a tear. It's the Tebow show in Denver. Houston lost QB #2 - their 2nd starting QB in two games to get creamed. Wild Card is up for grabs. Once again, the 2nd half of the year will be great.

Here's how Week 13 goes down in the record books... (home team in CAPS)

Philadelphia 20 SEATTLE 14

Carolina 28 TAMPA BAY 23
PITTSBURGH 24 Cincinnati 20
Atlanta 27 HOUSTON 10
Jets 28 REDSKINS 14
NEW ENGLAND 52 Indianapolis 0
Oakland 23 MIAMI 20
Denver 24 MINNESOTA 17
Tennessee 23 BUFFALO 21
CHICAGO 20 Kansas City 9
Baltimore 28 CLEVELAND 10
Dallas 31 ARIZONA 24
Green Bay 33 GIANTS 28
NEW ORLEANS 34 Detroit 27

San Diego 24 JACKSONVILLE 16

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