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NBA Playoff Predictions - Conference Semifinals

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-Digger's Daily-

Ready. Set. Go. Great Semifinal games on deck. The first round of NBA Playoffs produced one huge upset. Memphis knocked off #1 seed San Antonio for their first ever playoff series victory. How far can they go?

Time for round two. Great match-ups will produce thrilling games. Prediction time...

Boston vs Miami - Much anticipated series will not disappoint... unless you live in South Florida. Miami's big 3 up against one of the best defenses. Boston has more than 3 big time players including one of the leagues deepest benches. Celtics in 5.

Chicago vs Atlanta - #1 seed Chicago dominated Atlanta in regular season action. Chicago is destined for East Conference Finals. Atlanta is a great team but no match for Bulls defense. Chicago sweep.

Los Angeles vs Dallas - By far the best semi's match-up. How far can the Lakers go? Can Dallas finally shake their playoff failures? Mavs are one of NBA's best teams. Deep & talented but always seem to find new ways to blow playoff series. Lakers are one of the best taking advantage of opponents weaknesses. Lakers bend but don't break D snarls opponents in late game situations. This one will go the distance. Lakers big game pressure wins vs Mavs big game pressure chokes. Lakers in 7.

Oklahoma City vs Memphis - OKC had no problem sending Denver packing in 5. Memphis stunned top seeded San Antonio. Memphis beat OKC in 3 of 4 regular season games. Each game of this series will come down to the final possession. Grizzlies hungry, determined, win in 6.



NHL Playoff Predictions: Conference Semifinals

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-Digger's Daily-

NHL players, coaches & teams treated us to a sensational opening quarterfinal round of playoff hockey. Boston and Montreal went Mano-a-Mano in classic Bruins vs Canadiens fashion. Boston dropped the first two games before rallying back and winning game 7 in overtime.

Semifinal action up next. Series match-ups couldn't be better.

(1) Washington vs (5) Tampa Bay. Caps won 4 of 6 regular season meetings and are well rested after besting Rangers in 5. Tampa needed 7 in their opening round stunner over Pittsburgh. Two hot teams. This one will go the distance. Washington in 7.

(2) Philadelphia vs (3) Boston. Another great match-up featuring two old rivals. Boston vs Philly 70's hockey usually led to plenty of gashes, stitches, bruises, high sticks... basically, something resembling the movie "Slap Shot". Nowadays, they play great hockey minus goons-manlike actions. Boston has a score to settle after chocking last year. Bruins led the series 3-0. Then, after Philly forced a game 7, Boston led the deciding game 3-0. Guess what? A monster sized choke and the Flyers were soon celebrating on center ice.
Boston gets redeemed. Bruins prevail in a classic hard fought 7 game series victory.

(1) Vancouver vs (5) Nashville. Canucks nearly gave away their opening round series vs arch rival Chicago. Nashville recorded playoff series victory number one. Who wants it more? I'd bet most eyes are focused on other series. This one will be just as great. Vancouver in 6.

(2) San Jose vs (3) Detroit. Detroit's the most well rested team standing in the playoffs right now. They're exceptional in post-season play. San Jose took 3 of 4 regular season games. However, this is playoff hockey. SJ bested Detroit last year. Detroit will not let it happen again. Red Wings in 5.



Baseball Power Rankings

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-Digger's Daily-

The 2011 Major League Baseball season is well underway. The calendar will soon ring in a new month. April showers delivered a little relief for teams battling early season injury bugs. What's in store for May?

Plenty of baseball news from slow starting clubs expected to excel (Boston, Tampa Bay) to a few surprise teams attempting to resurrect flailing franchises (Kansas City, Washington). Injury bug biting hard. AL MVP Hamilton leads the list consisting of Aaron Hill, Scott Rolen, Chase Utley, Ryan Zimmerman, Angel Pagan, Joe Mauer, Evan Longoria, Neftali Feliz, Phil Hughes and Andrew Bailey. So how have teams fared dealing with distractions?

Baseball Power Rankings
1 - Phillies (15-6). MLB's top rotation will keep Phil's #1 all year long unless injuries take over. Utley's been missed but team is responding.
2 - Rangers (14-7). Rangers lost Hamilton. Now closer Feliz is gone. Rangers rotation got off to a flying start. How will they hold up during scorching 100+ degree Texas summer? Time will tell. For now, all systems go on offense.
3 - Rockies (14-7). Colorado's trying something new, 1st place in April. Maybe they've figured out winning in April is every bit as important as winning in September. Rockies getting the job done without much from staff ace Jiminez.
4 - Yankees (12-6). Yankees taking advantage of slow starts by Boston & Tampa. Surviving a less than stellar starting rotation which has impressed during season's opening few weeks. Lineup is one of most feared in the game.
5 - Marlins (13-7). Not many expected Florida to be this high up on the list. Hanley Ramirez hasn't been his usual self. Marlins doing what Marlins to best... playing "team" baseball. Keep an eye on these guys.
6 - Indians (13-8). Here's a team completely surprising us. Team defense has much to do with their success. Outfielders thwarting opposing base-runners. Pitchers getting it done. Timely hitting too. Can it last? Doubt it but fans in Cleveland having fun for now.
7 - Tigers (12-10). Detroit riding a mild 4 game win streak. Does this mean they've shaken off early season blues? Injuries to key players have forced different lineups nearly every night. Pitchers finally beginning to perform.
8 - Cardinals (12-10). It's been the Lance Berkman show. Pujols might miss a few days with a sore hammy. Bullpen is biggest question mark at the moment.
9 - Royals (12-10). Kansas City has a nucleus of fine young players. It's all about pitching for these guys. If starters can finally deliver then good days await. If not, then these guys will sink. There's not middle ground here.
10- Angels (12-10). Weaver will most likely finish April as Pitcher of the Month. Streaky LA came out of the gates on fire. Now riding a 4 game slide. Vern Wells has been an early season bust. Angels counting on big things when Morales finally returns from his grand slam celebratory broken ankle.

Keep an eye on... Brewers, Dodgers, A's & Rays.