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NFL 2013 NFL Week 13 Predictions

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Week 12 was a crazy weekend of NFL action. Green Bay vs Minnesota ended in a 26-26 tie! Detroit was dumped by Tampa Bay. The suddenly explosive Rams carved up Chicago 42-21. It's never easy watching good teams fail miserably... Texans flat out stink and proved it by losing to woeful Jacksonville... at home! Indianapolis is getting exposed - Cardinals flew right past them 40-11. Broncos coughed up a huge lead as Brady's hot 2nd half led the way to 34-31 OT victory. Cowboys offensive line woke up just in time to protect Romo for a final game drive to win on the last play in NY 24-21.

So what does this all mean in regards to teams playoff hopes? (standings) Simplest answer, it's remains a fight to the finish. Only 6 of 32 teams have no shot at playoff action. As of right now, AFC's 6th seeded team would be the 5 win, 6 loss Tennessee Titans by virtue of tie-breaker rules vs 5 others. Final seed might back in with a losing record. Two NFC division leaders sporting mediocre 6-5 records. Crazy stuff indeed.

Speaking of crazy... only 6 correct picks last weekend thanks to a bevy of upsets. 116-60 (65.9%) Nearly every game has huge implications this weekend. Home team in CAPS.

Week 13

LIONS 34 Packers 24
COWBOYS 40 Raiders 17
RAVENS 23 Steelers 17
BROWNS 26 Jaguars 14
COLTS 24 Titans 23
Bears 24 VIKINGS 16
Dolphins 20 JETS 10
EAGLES 24 Cardinals 20
PANTHERS 27 Bucs 17
Patriots 42 TEXANS 9
BILLS 17 Falcons 13
Rams 31 49ERS 27
Broncos 34 CHIEFS 23
Bengals 28 CHARGERS 20
Giants 24 REDSKINS 20
SEAHAWKS 30 Saints 27


NFL 2013 NFL Week 12 Predictions

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The NFL playoff picture has become mighty crowded.
-NY Giants (4-6) are clawing their way back into NFC East contention. Dallas (5-6) visits NY in a game of the week atmosphere. There's been plenty of trash talking heading into this one.
-Denver (9-1) handed KC their (9-1) first loss of the year and are tied atop AFC West. They meet again in two weeks.
-Two AFC teams are tied at 5-5 (Miami, NY Jets).
-Six 4-6 teams (Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Baltimore, Tennessee, Oakland, San Diego). Football is a game of inches. Each team listed above will be scrapping, fighting & clawing for every inch. Every play will have a decisive impact on their fortunes.

NFC is just a muddied....
-Philadelphia (6-5) leads NFC East but last place Washington (3-7) is only two off in loss column.
-Detroit & Chicago are tied (6-4) with Green Bay (5-5) trailing by 1 in NFC North.
-NFC South is a two team fight with Carolina (7-3) pressuring New Orleans (8-2).
-NFC West San Francisco & Arizona (both 6-4) fighting for Wild Card entry.

Week 11 was our bounce back weekend. 11 correct picks puts the season totals at 110-52 (67.9%).

Time to pick'em (home team in CAPS).

Week 12

Saints 45 FALCONS 17
Steelers 27 BROWNS 24
LIONS 37 Bucs 31
Packers 24 VIKINGS 20
CHIEFS 24 Chargers 17
Bears 27 RAMS 17
Panthers 28 DOLPHINS 13
RAVENS 26 Jets 19
TEXANS 17 Jaguars 10
Titans 28 RAIDERS 24
Colts 27 CARDINALS 24
GIANTS 34 Cowboys 27
Broncos 38 PATRIOTS 20
49ers 27 REDSKINS 21


NFL 2013 NFL Week 11 Predictions

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We stumbled a bit in Week 10. 7 right, 7 wrong. Not good by our standards. Season total now stands at 99-48 (67.3%). Jags first victory and Rams destroying Indy cracked our crystal ball.

AFC/NFC playoff races remain wide open based on equal sharing of mediocrity. A few very big divisional games this weekend will go a long way in determining team destinies.

Time to pick'em (home team in CAPS).

Week 11

Colts 27 TITANS 14
BEARS 24 Ravens 20
BILLS 27 Jets 14
BENGALS 27 Browns 13
EAGLES 31 Redskins 17
Lions 24 STEELERS 23
Falcons 28 BUCS 14
Cardinals 20 JAGUARS 10
TEXANS 17 Raiders 14
Chargers 42 DOLPHINS 17
SAINTS 35 49ers 20
GIANTS 27 Packers 6
SEAHAWKS 26 Vikings 10
BRONCOS 27 Chiefs 24
PANTHERS 31 Patriots 24

Bye: Dallas, St. Louis


NFL 2013 NFL Week 10 Predictions

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Week 9 results weren't up to usual standards. 7 right, 6 wrong. Losing two starting QB's early in games didn't help matters. Digger's season total now stands at 92-41 (69.2%).

The NFL season is half over. Many teams still struggling to find consistency and wins. There's still hope for many teams fighting to right their season. Week 10 games have become make or break for notables teams: Giants, Redskins, Cardinals, Dolphins, Bills, Ravens and Chargers. Injuries are becoming huge. Green Bay lost Aaron Rodgers for at least a month opening the door for NFC North rivals (Lions/Bears) to take their best shot.

Time to pick'em (home team in CAPS).

Week 10

Redskins 24 VIKINGS 20
Seahawks 27 FALCONS 20
Lions 33 BEARS 24
Eagles 23 PACKERS 21
TITANS 20 Jaguars 9
COLTS 27 Rams 10
GIANTS 30 Raiders 17
STEELERS 21 Bills 14
Bengals 31 RAVENS 17
49ERS 24 Panthers 23
Texans 17 CARDINALS 16
Broncos 42 CHARGERS 24
SAINTS 31 Cowboys 27
Dolphins 21 BUCS 17

·Bye: Cleveland, Kansas City, New England, NY Jets