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When Parents Lose Control

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by Digger

Temporary insanity? Alcohol/drug abuse? Non-existent self control? Pure rage? Crossing the line at youth sporting events. Exactly what triggers grown adult parents to leave their seats and attack umpires while children, friends, fans and family members watch in stunned disbelief and utter embarrassment?

Just imagine how a your son or daughter would feel. Standing at home plate, 20 yard line, free throw line or blue line, surrounded by their friends and team mates. Suddenly, here comes dear ‘ol dad, drunk as a skunk, stumbling out of the stands onto the field screaming obscene profanities before proceeding to wrestle an unsuspecting umpire to the ground all because of a disputed game ruling. Not quite a Kodak moment as pop gets handcuffed, booked and broadcast on the local six o’clock news. Certainly a story to be repeated countless times throughout a kids lifetime. Heck, the child might forever be remembered by some only for this type of event. Nice job pop. Get a grip.

At what point in a parents lifetime do they forget they are always parents? Perhaps teaching their kids to overcome difficult obstacles such as an umpire who can’t get anything right is appropriate instead of looking to crack open a few skulls. Showing their kids how to get arrested certainly will not be a fun experience for anyone involved. Do kids have to remind adults how to “behave” at the next game time and time again?

This event has slowly become the norm in recent times. From state to state news reports often flash the latest parental mishap. Patent wielding baseball bats, throwing pizza at umps, assaulting refs, profanity laced tirades etc. Even coaches have joined the ruckus by following officials into locker rooms after games to lash out verbal tirades.

There’s no justification for such actions. In most cases, local judges only give violators a slap on the wrist. Soon enough these creatures of habit return to the field waiting for another close call just so they can get back into nose to nose arguments. In a few cases leagues have banned unruly coaches and parents from future events. In remote circumstances, kids have been removed from their teams.

So who will be parenting parents who refuse to parent themselves?

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