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Baseball 2008 Season Opener in Japan

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by Digger

Major League Baseball's World Champion Boston Red Sox will open the 2008 baseball regular season in Japan vs Oakland A's. These two teams are currently playing sold out exhibition games vs Japanese clubs before squaring off for back to back games on March 25-26.

At the end of each regular season, American star studded pro's travel across the ocean to play Japanese All Stars. So why should players travel 18 hours for a season opener? Especially, when our teams will conflict with the Japanese scheduled games. This is poor coordination between organizations. Take it one step further. These games are scheduled for 6:05 a.m. (3:05 PST) without national TV coverage!

First off, Japan is a baseball rich country. Promoting our game in a baseball rich envirnment is not the best course of action. Record setting crowds could be had on different venues. Nearly any other country would gratefully welcome our heroes from Europe to South America. How about the State of Hawaii? How about not rocking the boat at all. All Star squads can go on tour after the regular season concludes. I'd bet greater revenues would be had instead of subjecting our clubs to insane schedules. Has anyone taken notice neither game will receive national television or radio broadcasts?

This years' opener was almost called off by the Red Sox players rightfully sticking up for their coaching staff as MLB was unwilling to pay for their services and travel. Commissioner Selig had testified before Congressional Committee's boasting of "baseball's record revenues" .. yet, the league was too cheap to compensate members of the game?

Next up, how will these teams bounce back upon returning to America?
Will they be jet lagged? Burnt out?

What were the schedule makers thinking by starting the regular season in Japan while teams have not concluded pre-season games here? The next logical question is how does MLB schedule more pre-season games for both teams when they return home if they've already begun regular season play?

Oakland travels from Japan back to San Francisco for 3 pre-season games. Boston to LA Dodgers for 3 pre-season games... both beginning March 28.

It gets nuttier folks...

For their U.S. openers, both teams play each other again in Oakland for a two game set on April 1st & 2nd.

Boston then heads to Toronto for a weekend series. How Boston's upper brass agreed to such a grueling schedule to begin their Championship defense defies all logic.

This is great news for AL East opponents... especially New Yorkers eager for any advantage against their hated rivals.

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NCAA Tourney, Brackets, Contests Energize Fans

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March Madness has begun!

College Basketball's ultimate Tournament attracts fans nationwide. College fans, hoops fans, gamblers, fantasy sports sites, bracket busters... from pro scouts to novice office cooler talk..all eyes are on this years games.

North Carolina Tar Heels finished the regular season as the top ranked team. As most of us know, there are no guarantees once playoffs begin. A few top teams barely hung onto victory while upsets made headlines. Today is only day 1... more is to come.

In the West, #12 Western Kentucky U knocked off #5 Clemson in a wild game 101-99. #2 Duke barely survived Belmont 71-70. Connecticut (4) was sent home early to study by a gutsy San Diego (15) squad, 70-69.

In the East: Villanova (12) rolled over Clemson (5) 75-69.

Midwest: Sienna (13) shocked Vanderbilt (4) 83-62.

Fans picking various tournament brackets are already knee deep in trouble. Many gamblers need new shirts. This is only the beginning of what is yet to come. Can amateur pickers survive another day like this? Las Vegas bookmakers must have cleaned up.

Late Wednesday night I received a phone call from my beautiful friend Marie asking me for assistance with her office pool pick selections. These stunners blew out her bracket... and mine. Kansas State was my only semi-upset pick which advanced while most teamss listed above will be watching from their dorms.

Odds are I won't be hearing from her anytime soon! Will she add her name to my growing list of no-talkie ladies? Time will tell.

Stay tuned... we'll see if All World All Sports predicted finalists (UCLA over NC) survive.


PGA: Defining Greatness - Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods 18th hole 25 foot birdie putt to win The Arnold Palmer Invitational electrified the golfing community as he tied legendary Ben Hogan with his 64th career PGA Tour victory (3rd all time). The worlds greatest golfer ever is only 32 as he chases after Jack Nicklaus (73 wins) and Sam Snead (82 wins).

Tiger is undefeated in 2008 and has won his last six golf tournaments. Quite an intimidating feat as the rest of the field is left behind gasping for air while trying to climb out of perfect divots. He's now taking aim at Byron Nelson's eleven win streak from 1945.

Woods is in a world of his own. He's the only golfer ever to win all four major Championships in one year. Part of his endless resume includes four Masters Tournament Championships, four PGA Championships, two U.S. Open Championships, two British Open Championships. Countless Player of the Year Awards beginning from his amateur days straight on thru the Pro Tour.

Not too shabby for a kid who was putting with Bob Hope on the Mike Douglass Show at an age of 2 years old!

Tiger Woods career performances earns honors with some of the worlds greatest sports Champions. Babe Ruth transformed baseball. Michael Jordan redefined basketball. Wayne Gretzky rewrote Hockey's record books. Now it's Tigers turn to be King. One of the scariest facts opposing swingers have all realized... this guy hasn't even approached his prime yet!

Records galleries fight to watch him play. Sponsors stand in long lines with their hands out. PGA revenues have piled high. Amateur golfers taking to the sport in record numbers. Tiger's name is on the minds of children learning on the links.

Tiger knows how to handle the spotlight honorably... thrives in pressure packed situations... and, rises to all occasions as a human being. He's been dissected, hounded, honored, scrutinized, theorized, analyzed, emulated, glorified and paparazzied all his life. The fire in his belly continues to burn infinitely and profoundly.

By the time he retires from an illustrious career.... every record will bear the name Tiger Woods.



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