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Packer No More... Favre Flies to Jets!

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by Digger

The fued between legendary Quarterback Brett Favre and the Packers has ended. Green Bay traded Favre to the AFC's New York Jets.

The pre-season storm has ended, at least temporarily. ESPN is reporting Favre might be miffed at Green Bay because Tampa Bay was his first choice of teams. The Packers seem to have ignored his request and traded him to New York. This deal still has to clear NFL offices later in the day. If Favre is miffed, will try to rebuke this trade? Hopefully, this is all just scuttlebutt and Favre embraces his new team without any hitch. Bottom line is Brett got what he wanted... out of Green Bay and now an instant starter for another team.

Favre proved in 2007 there's plenty left in the tank. He led the Pack to a 13-3 record while passing at a record setting clip. New York is starving for a QB who can play every game and lead. They've got their man! Favre has started 253 consecutive regular season games while gunning his way into NFL record books. During Favre's 253 game streak, the Jets have tried 15 different starting quarterbacks.

Favre vs Green Bay became a sordid tale. After last years NFC Championship Game, Green Bay brass approached Favre about returning for one more season. Favre thought it over and decided to retire. I remember hearing rumblings claiming he was upset over how the Packers didn't seem to want him badly enough. Green Bay had moved on... until... Brett suddendly decided to unretire. This created instant problems. Both sides went public a bit too soon and all hell broke loose. Now it appears the Hero of Green Bay is leaving town with bad vibes after many years of dedicated service while resurrecting Green Bay to fame and glory.

The Jets coaches, players and fans must all be jumping today. This is tremendous news for a team in search of solid on field leadership. Buckle up Jets, Favre will soar in New York. His arrival completely changes the makeup of AFC East football. NY is an instant contender. Favre has weapons on the wings with Lavernues Coles and Jericho Cotchery. A solid running game now gets better with teams having to respect the Meadowlands new gunslinger.

What a difference watching Jets games will be. Instead of wondering how they will hand games away... fans can now start guessing how many points these guys put up week to week? How many 300 yard games will he have (rarity for Jets)? How many games will the Jets win? Playoffs? All expectations just changed for New York's coaching staff. They know this team now has a chance to win every single time lining up against once superior opponents.

Favre shouldn't be viewed as the team savior. He is instant team leader bringing new life to a hapless offense. Coaches will now have a new found sense of confidence when calling plays. Offensive linemen are the key to success in '08. Chad Pennington had potential way back when his arm was sound. In recent years (due to multiple injuries) he could barely fling the ball downfield with any authority... mostly wounded ducks easily batted down or picked off. His status has gone from starter to potentially being released or traded. Wide receivers better get used to Favre's bullets in a hurry!

With this trade, New York goes from a sub .500 projected team to playoff contenders. The Meadowlands will be rocking every weekend. Two New York teams sharing one stadium (in New Jersey). The Giants are defending Super Bowl Champions. The Jets now have one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play football leading the way. Exciting times ahead for New York football fans. NFL season kicks off less than one month from now. Welcome to New York's bright spotlight Brett. Only one thing stands in the way of this trade becoming official. Favre suddenly deciding he doesn't want to play for NY. Attention Jets fans -- "CROSS YOUR FINGERS!"


2008 Olympic Fiasco

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by Digger

The Olympic Games have long been a symbol of international pride, sportsmanship, superior athletic competition, courage and integrity. Host countries are selected by a long detailed process by the International Olympic Committee. China hosts the 2008 games scheduled to begin later this week. The IOC must be regretting this selection... it's been a public relations failure since day one.

China has long faced intense scrutiny and criticism for its' perceived wide ranging human rights violations. It's been a bit of a shocker to read of how unprepared this powerful nation is with the games only days away. Many problems still persist from air quality to security. Olympic tourch bearers faced unprecidented protests from city to city. International criticism has been stepped up in recent weeks due to China's violent crackdowns on Tibet protesters, journalists, athletes, internet access, publications, entertainers and its' own countrymen and women. Foreign governments have warned of China's intent to monitor/spy on all visitors. It's amazing... during a time of world turmoil.. the IOC selected China to host... what were they thinking?

This is quickly becoming a sad event. Most Olympic games of the past have focused on participating athletes. China's problematic attempts to get their country ready has stolen the spotlight in a negative manner. The air quality for the games is horrendous. A few athletes are questioning if playing in the games will injure their health. U.S. track stars showed up wearing black air filters/masks. Security is now in question after yesterday's terror bombing killed 16 police officers. World leaders are facing scrutiny within their own countries for planning to attend opening ceremonies based on China's human rights violations. Many countries will supply their own food to athletes in fear of contaminated Chinese products. Chinese workers were ordered out of Olympic cities to help crack down on smog. Reporters beaten and jailed. Protesters jailed. Probably plenty more not made public.

As for the athletes...
Russia has set off alarms within Olympic doping circles. Seven athletes have been hit with doping suspensions leading the VP of the World Anti-Doping Agency to conclude Russia is systematically doping its' athletes. I'm sure we'll hear of plenty more caught doping before, during or after the games. Players doping is no secret. Today's technologies make doping harder to detect and harder to hide.

Lost in the side-shows have been the Olympians. These games are for them, for their countrymen, pride of representing their nations in the worlds largest athletic event. I don't know about other countries, but here in the good old USA, not much coverage has been dedicated to our athletes. Instead, we hear the constant daily drabble of our media infactuated with an inexperienced politician attempting to bamboozle anyone for votes by placating to their anger and fears... while his older rival fights to flaunt his record. Sports coverage focuses on our major professional leagues as baseball season winds down and football gets ready to kick off.

There's no doubt Olympic television ratings will be at an all time low in the USA. Other sports news and events will trump the day. NFL training camps have opened with plenty of controversy. Brett Favre's unretirement has stolen headlines. Baseball's blockbuster deadline deals also created quite the buzz.

Long gone.... reporters doing feature spots on Olympic athletes leading up to competitions. Can anyone name our top heavy weight boxer? Top diver? Sprinter? Gymnast? USA Basketball garners attention from the ESPN types because they're professionals with household names (did anyone notice our team doesn't have a starting Center?). What happened to the Bruce Jenner's, Mary Lou Retton's, Sugar Ray Leonard's of the world? New faces pop up everyday but our country isn't focusing on Olympic games these days.

Hopefully the Summer Olympics will stay focused on athletes once the games begin.



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