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All World All Sports College Football Rankings

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by Digger

College Football season is coming closer to completion. This usually signals the time when coaches, players & fans take issue with BCS rankings. One day the powers that be will finally devise a playoff system to crown college football's true champions. Until then... let the debate rage.

Here's All World All Sports Top 20:
(BCS rankings in parenthesis)

1- Texas Longhorns (1)
2- Penn State Nittany Lions (3)
3- Alabama Crimson Tide (2)
4- Texas Tech Red Raiders (7)
5- Oklahoma Sooners (4)
6- USC Trojans (5)
7- Florida Gators (8)
8- Georgia Bulldogs (6)
9- Utah Utes (10)
10-Oklahoma State Cowboys (9)
11-Boise State Broncos (11)
12-Ball State Cardinals (16)
13-Tulsa Golden Hurrican (18)
14-TCU Horned Frogs (13)
15-Florida State Seminoles (15)
16-Minnesota Golden Gophers (17)
17-BYU Cougars (20)
18-Ohio State Buckeyes (12)
19-North Carolina Tar Heels (23)
20-Michigan State Spartans (21)

Predicted Final #1: Texas Longhorns


Sports on the Big Screen... Top 50 Sports Movies.

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by Digger

It's been a long while since Hollywood rolled out a quality sports movie. Many sports flicks from the past have been very inspirational. Some had us rooting for the underdog. Some rekindled fond memories from our youth. A few were life challenging based on true stories. Mostly, they've all been feel good movies leaving us wanting more.

Here's my top 50 sports movie rankings:

1 - Rocky (1976)
2 - Bull Durham (1988)
3 - Field of Dreams (1989)
4 - Raging Bull (1980)
5 - The Hustler (1961)
6 - The Pride of the Yankees (1942)
7 - Brian's Song (1970)
8 - Hoosiers (1986)
9 - Seabiscuit (2003)
10- Soul of the Game (1996)
11- Cinderella Man (2005)
12- North Dallas Forty (1976)
13- The Longest Yard (1974)
14- Remember the Titans (2000)
15- The Bad News Bears (1976)
16- Slap Shot (1977)
17- We Are Marshall (2006)
18- Eight Men Out (1988)
19- On The Waterfront (1954)
20- The Natural (1984)
21- Radio (2003)
22- Million Dollar Baby (2004)
23- A League of Their Own (1994)
24- Rudy (1993)
25- The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)
26- Friday Night Lights (2004)
27- For The Love of The Game (1999)
28- The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)
29- Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962)
30- 61* (2001)
31- Rocky II (1979)
32- Finding Forrester (2000)
33- Downhill Racer (1969)
34- Chariots of Fire (1981)
35- Horse Feathers (1932)
36- Damn Yankees (1958)
37- Knute Rockne All American (1940)
38- Caddyshack (1980)
39- Miracle (2004)
40- Any Given Sunday (2004)
41- Jerry McGuire (1997)
42- Tin Cup (1996)
43- Cool Runnings (1993)
44- Paper Lion (1968)
45- Major League (1989)
46- Victory (1981)
47- Bang The Drum Slowly (1973)
48- Caddyshack (1980)
49- When We Were Kings (1996)
50- Vision Quest (1985)

Predicting NBA 2008-09: Will Boston Repeat?

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by Digger

Many questions will follow bouncing balls all around the NBA in 2008-09. Will Boston repeat? Will LeBron be traded? Can Knicks Head Coach D'Antoni turn losers into winner? Will a full season of Shaq shine for the Suns? Are refs still fixing games?

One thing for certain. NBA '08 will be a season to remember. Let's get to it... prediction time!


Atlantic Division
Boston Celtics**
New Jersey Nets**
Philadelphia 76ers
Toronto Raptors
New York Knicks

Central Division
Detroit Pistons**
Cleveland Cavaliers**
Indiana Pacers**
Chicago Bulls**
Milwaukee Bucks

Southeast Division
Orlando Magic**
Washington Wizards**
Atlanta Hawks
Charlotte Bobcats
Miami Heat


Northwest Division
Denver Nuggets**
Utah Jazz**
Portland Trail Blazers
Oklahoma City Thunder
Minnesota Timberwolves

Pacific Division
Los Angeles Lakers**
Phoenix Suns**
Golden State Warriors
Sacramento Kings
Los Angeles Clippers

Southwest Division
San Antonio Spurs**
New Orleans Hornets**
Dallas Mavericks**
Houston Rockets**
Memphis Grizzlies

NBA CHAMPION: Boston Celtics

(** = playoff bound teams)

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NFL Week 8 Predictions

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by Digger

Week 7 is still resonating in some NFL cities. Dallas dropped another. Indianapolis on verge of an elimination. Titans remain NFL's only unbeaten. Cincinnati and Detroit haven't won a game. Jets stumble in Oakland.

After correctly picking 9 last weekend it's time to give week 8 a shot:

Tampa Bay (5-2) @ Dallas (4-3): Bucs continue to look good. Dallas was blown out by Rams and continues to struggle on and off the field. Tampa escapes in a hard fought battle, 23-21.

Washington (5-2) @ Detroit (0-6): Washington will carve up loser laughingstock Lions, 33-10.

Buffalo (5-1) @ Miami (2-4): Bills continue to get stonger. Dolphins seek another victory. Not this week. Buffalo stampede, 27-16.

St Louis (2-4) @ New England (4-2): Rams manhandled Dallas last week. New England roasted Denver on MNF. Patriots prevail, 33-21.

San Diego (3-4) @ New Orleans (3-4): Live from London. Both teams underperforming and finding new innovative ways to blow games. LT has struggled for SD and Bush is out for NO. Chargers bolt, 27-24.

Kansas City (1-5) @ Jets (3-3): KC is not a good team. Jets still haven't found a rythm. Jets win ugly, 24-10.

Atlanta (4-2) @ Philadelphia (3-3): Atlanta's Ryan, Turner & White hit the road in a big big game for both teams. Philly has a hard time beating winning teams. This one could come down to the games final play. Atlanta wins 21-20.

Oakland (2-4) @ Baltimore (3-3): Ravens too strong for this weak Oakland team. Ravens beat up on silver and black, 31-0.

Arizona (4-2) @ Carolina (5-2): Arizona has either played very well or very poorly. Running game has yet to take hold. Carolina is one of NFC's toughest. Panthers topple Cards in my game of the week selection, 36-27.

Cleveland (2-4) @ Jacksonville (3-3): Cleveland is horrible. Somehow they've won two games. Jacksonville is better than their record. Jags all over Browns, 28-3.

Cincinnati (0-7) @ Houston (2-4): Bengals best chance for a victory is this weekend. Houston's offense is beginning to click. Don't mess with Texas. Houston edges Bengals, 27-26.

Giants (5-1) @ Pittsburgh (5-1): Super Bowl preview? Game of the week type matchup featuring two teams who might play again for the Lombardy Trophy. Both are winning, even if it's been ugly lately. Big test for defending Champs. Big test for wannabe champs. Steelers D gets rough with Eli. Steelers win, 27-17.

Seattle (1-5) @ San Francisco (2-5): Simply put, Seattle stinks. SF fired head coach Nolan. Mike Singletary takes over. 49ers respond, 23-16.

Indianapolis (3-3) @ Tennessee (7-0): Peyton's Colts have struggled to score points. Defense gives up big plays. Tennessee's ground game has decimated opposing defenses. Must win for Colts. Titans too much to handle, win MNF matchup, 24-14.


World Series 2008: Phillies vs Rays

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by Digger

World Series 2008: Philadelphia Phillies vs Tampa Bay Rays

MLB's Fall Classic improbable teams. The National League was supposed to be ruled by two clubs, Chicago Cubs & New York Mets. AL was supposed to be dominated by Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Instead, Philadelphia and Tampa defied predictions, polls and popular opinion on their way to play in this years MLB World Series.

Time to break down the newest AL/NL Champions.

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES (92-70) (Year by Year) (Division Series) (NLCS)

The Phillies 92 victories represent their first 90 win season since 1993. 2008 was also the first time they've won a Playoff series since '93.

Offense: NL best 214 Home Runs; Tied for 2nd in NL runs scored (799).
When Philadelphia's lineup is clicking, they score runs in bunches. Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins are the key cogs. Late season acquisition Matt Stairs was brought in for bench depth and as a DH extraordinaire just in case his new club advanced to the World Series. He'll most likely be DH during games played in Tampa and PH in key late inning situations. The only lineup weak spot is at C where Ruiz/Coste have split time.

Defense: .985 Fielding % NL 5th best.
Solid infield defense around the horn. 1B-Howard, 2B-Utley, SS-Rollins, 3B-Feliz all flash leather and make big plays when games are on the line. All have good instincts, range and strong arms. Not many E's are expected unless the pressure of World Series play creates havoc in players minds. Outfielders: LF-Burrell, CF-Victorino, RF- Werth have all swung clutch bats and play steady D. Burrell will be a player to watch as nagging injuries could limit fielding range. Only snag in Phils D is behind the plate as opposing baserunners seem to steal at will. This will be a huge challenge vs a speedy Rays lineup.

Starting Pitching: After Hamels, the Phils rotation could be in trouble. Hamels was NLCS MVP. His Playoff stats include 3-0, 1.23. He's the Phils go to guy. Blanton, Myers & Moyer round out their rotation. It's anyone's guess if starters 2-4 can cool off an aggressive Rays attack. They'll be tested often.

Bullpen: Huge advantage for Philadelphia. Lidge was sensational this season (41 Saves, 1.95, NO blown saves) and has been lights out blowing hitters away all year including a perfect 5 for 5 vs Milwaukee/Los Angeles in Playoff action. In total, Phillies pitchers have surrendered only 2 earned runs in their last 19+ post-season innings.

TAMPA BAY RAYS (97-65) (Year by Year) (Division Series) (ALCS)

Tampa Bay's magical season continues with a trip to the World Series. Never before had Tampa posted a winning record. Never had they finished higher than 4th in AL East (once). Only one season with 70 wins. The Rays took over first place for good on July 18th. They kept a close eye in their rear view mirror as Boston kept inching closer until finally clinching in late September.

Tampa was not given much respect during the regular season. Not much respect heading into their opening round vs Chicago White Sox. Not much respect vs World Champs Boston. The baseball world has finally realized Tampa is for real. From top to bottom, each player contributes. Tampa plays like a "team". Now they're ready to challenge for a World Series title.

Offense: During the regular season, no single player was considered a "go-to" guy. They all contributed. Only one player hit 30+ HR's (Pena). Only one player knocked in more than 100 (Pena). No players crossed home 100 times. Tampa thrived on clutch play by all players. So many hitters stepped up to the plate with games on the line and more often than not... each one came thru. Tampa is very aggressive on the bases. They steal, hit and run, bunt, run 1st to 3rd. Basically, they just apply pressure. BJ Upton leads Playoff hitters with 7 HR and 15 RBI. He's as hot as one player can be... nearing post-season immortality.

Defense: Solid team .985 fielding %. Very strong infield defenders and speedy outfielders cut off grounders up the middle and gappers in the outfield. If there's any area of weakness it's in lack of power arms in OF. 1B-Pena, 2B-Iwamura, SS-Bartlett, 3B-Longoria committed only 37 E's. Rays defense was one of the major reasons this squad won 97 games and AL East.

Starting Pitching: Total turnaround in 2008. Team 3.82 ERA was AL's second best. Kazmir, Shields, Garza and Sonnanstine will start the Series first four games. It's a gutsy rotation showing no fear by constantly challenging and staying ahead of opposing hitters.

Bullpen: Tampa's biggest question mark. Veteran closer Troy Percival was brilliant until faltering due to injuries (out for season). It's been a bullpen by committee ever since without having any one overpowering go to guy. Except for a few blips on the radar screen... Tampa relievers are ready to do battle.

Prediction/Outlook: Both teams are hungry. Both playing great in clutch situations. Both were expected to get dumped early in post-season action.
Tampa Bay Rays will win 2008 World Series in 6 games

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