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Golfer Nails 5 Holes-in-One… In One Week!!!

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by Digger

Have you ever imagined or daydreamed of hitting a hole in one? You’re not alone. Thousands of golfers hope to achieve this phenomenon every time they get ready to tee off on their favorite par-3. A low handicap golfer faces minimum 5000 to 1 odds of accomplishing this feat. PGA tour members are lucky if they hit one in their lifetime.

Imagine this………

News has come out of Peoria, Illinois (El Paso Golf Club). 22 year old Curt Hocker has stunned the golfing world. Last week, over a six day span, Hocker holed FIVE… that’s right… 5 holes in one!

Your reaction is probably the same as mine… ‘no way!’ According to (article) this was no hoax and witnesses were present. No word yet, but it’s safe to assume Peoria has a new local celebrity.

My father, a recreational golfer, once hit two holes in one while on the links in Florida. His first was witnessed by one person… my mother. Needless to say his moment was soon filled with clubhouse skepticism and ribbing by his buddies since no one else was around to capture the moment. He was redeemed nearly one year to the day. He nailed a second hole-in-one when his drive on a par 3 one hopped into the cup with close buddies cheering the shot. Needless to say, it was the highlight of his recreational golfing career.

Hocker’s 5 aces during a six day span will remain hard to believe… and will probably never be matched again. Somehow in the back of my mind this seems like a great hoax.

Tiger Woods… you now have a new challenge!


Baseball Economics: Will Owners Continue to Ante Up Big Bucks?

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by Digger

How will baseball owners and players react to the current declining US economy? Are owners still willing (or able) to throw money around like drunken sailors on a three day leave? Will players continue demanding incredibly high salaries? Baseball’s annual winter meetings have offered no clues other than to suggest teams will be very busy.

Baseball has entered its’ free agent frenzy period. General Managers from around the league are currently testing the trade waters and making offers to free agent players. Some of the biggest names being discussed are Manny Ramirez and CC Sabathia. Both had been expected to rake in upwards of $15M per season.

However, crashing stock markets, declining pensions, state and federal taxes on the rise, recession fears and other factors… are Major League Baseball and team owners prepared for reduced revenues? Or, are they counting on business as usual? Corporate sponsors will soon be reneging on their commitments to stadium sponsorship and slowly reducing their advertising revenues at ballparks around the country. MLB will certainly get hit. Many new stadiums have increased ticket prices making it harder for an average family of four to attend games even under normal circumstances. Our current economic climate will make it unfeasable for most families to attend games on a regular basis… if at all.

So how will teams rationalize big dollar contracts? And, how can players justify seeking multi-year $15-25M salaries. The global economy is in shambles and it would be an utter disgrace for MLB players and owners to start throwing around ridiculous amounts of underserved money.

I’ve always been mystified at how irrational some players salaries have become. Take New York Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez. Here’s a guy making over $25M per season and he hasn’t even played in a single World Series game. He’s not alone. At what point will owners realize talent isn’t only found in big name players? It takes more than just money to win championships. Tampa Bay Rays and Florida Marlins are perfect examples of winning teams who did not need to fork over crazy contracts to buy wins?

Most importantly, when more than half of our country is financially stifled… with the worst yet to come.. how can anyone justify paying (or asking for) outrageous sums of money to play a “game”. At what point is enough enough? It’s all about greed and ego’s. Players greed and owners ego’s.

MLB, as a whole, should be very careful in these trying times. They’re going to need one heck of a spin to justify paying larger than life contracts when fans struggle to make ends meet. Concession stands charging $8.50 for hotdogs will see much shorter lines. Souvenir stands charging $35.00 for t-shirts will be in for a long year.

Soon we’ll find out if MLB re-adjusts to conform with main street America…


NFL Week 10 Predictions

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by Digger

From here on out each week of the NFL season represents must win games for teams competing to play in this seasons’ playoffs. Many teams are still in the hunt. One slip up could spell doom and gloom. Week 9 provided a few upsets as the NFL playoff race heats up.

Thursday night games begin this week and continue until the final weekend. Time to play the prediction game for Week 10:

Denver (4-4) @ Cleveland (3-5): Denver began 3-0 and has struggled ever since. Cleveland has bounced back lately but not enough consistency on offense has led to QB Anderson being benched in favor of Brady Quinn. Broncos will light it up this week, 38-23.

New Orleans (4-4) @ Atlanta (5-3): Saints Brees has thrown for 300+ yards in 6 of 8 contests. Saints rushing attack hasn’t produced a 100 yard rusher. Falcons QB Ryan is odds on favorite for Rookie of the Year honors. Atlanta’s trio of Ryan, RB Turner and WR White has been hard to stop. An Atlanta victory over N.O. will keep them within reach of winning NFC South. Falcons win shootout, 33-27.

Tennessee (8-0) @ Chicago (5-3): NFL’s only unbeaten Tennessee continues to play tough football. It’s been a total team effort so far. Bears defense will cause havoc for Titans attack. QB Orton was injured last week. A Bears win keeps them one step ahead of rising teams. A loss takes them a step backwards into an already crowded playoff field. Titans find way to win again in a very close contest, 17-16.

Jacksonville (3-5) @ Detroit (0-8): Jax lost back to back games vs teams they should have handled with ease (Cleveland, Cincinnati). They’re on the outside looking in but a win can keep hope alive. Detroit is a joke but playing Jax could be just what they need. Jags win ugly game, 24-16.

Seattle (2-6) @ Miami (4-4): Who would have believed Miami would have a better record at this juncture? Tale of two teams in opposite directions. Miami has made a habit of beating solid teams this season. Dolphins sink Seahawks, 26-16.

Green Bay (4-4) @ Minnesota (4-4): Huge NFC North contest. Hard to believe Vikings have rebounded to reach .500. Packers have been streaky. This game can turn into a wild shootout. Peterson will need his sixth 100 yard game if Vikes are to win… and they will, 27-24.

Buffalo (5-3) @ New England (5-3): Huge AFC East matchup. Buffalo has been playing very well. New England isn’t the same without Brady. Both teams are deep and very well coached. This game will be decided late in the fourth quarter. Bills win tough battle, 27-23.

St Louis (2-6) @ Jets (5-3): Ugly matchup between underachieving Rams and a Jets team winning in spite of subpar performances. Favre will have a shot to pad stats vs an invisible St Louis secondary. Jets need this win badly. They win ugly once again, 31-23.

Baltimore (5-3) @ Houston (3-5): Ravens seek fourth consecutive victory. Defense is playing tough led by vet Ray Lewis. Things are really beginning to gel and Baltimore has quietly become a dominating team. Houston has received bad news as QB and top tackler are done. Baltimore pitches a shutout, 23-0.

Carolina (6-2) @ Oakland (2-6): This is 1st of back to back soft opponents for Carolina. All systems go. Oakland just released CB Hall who they had hoped to shape their defense around. It’s been one bad draft/trade after another for once mighty Oakland. Panthers in a blowout, 37-14.

Indianapolis (4-4) @ Pittsburgh (6-2): Colts haven’t looked good even when winning. Dungy’s team is no longer feared. Steelers defense has been tremendous. Offense still searching for consistency. Steelers get it done, 27-20.

Kansas City (1-7) @ San Diego (3-5): KC has been called a rebuilding team. Truth is … they’re flat out awful. This was supposed to be San Diego’s season. Sloppy play has been rewarded with a losing record. Chargers can keep their season alive with a win … a loss basically eliminates Norv Turner’s team. SD wins behind a big game by QB Rivers, 33-10.

Giants (7-1) @ Philadelphia (5-3): No gimmie’s left on Giants schedule. Every remaining opponent is tough. A win against Philly will keep NFC East in Giants control. Eagles have looked good with Westbrook healthy. My game of the week pick. Giants win a classic hard nosed battle, 24-23.

San Francisco (2-6) @ Arizona (5-3): 49ers new coach Singletary has already made examples of lackluster non-performers. Cardinals are running away with NFC West. Warner dissects vulnerable SF D, 38-10.


Sports Superstitions: Will Redskins Decide 2008 U.S. Presidential Election?

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by Digger

Superstitions in sports is a prominent phenomenom among many athletes and fans worldwide since the beginning of organized sports. Professional teams on winning streaks often continue whatever routine was in place until the run ends. From not shaving to breakfast foods to workout regimens. Losing streaks often involve changing day to day rituals. Boston Red Sox broke their World Series drought curse in magical style in 2004. Chicago Cubs fans just commiserated on their 100th consecutive season without a World Series Championship.

Curses, streaks, good luck charms or superstition. Call it whatever you want but unexplained theories or quirkiness lives on.

Believe it or not, the NFL's Washington Redskins performance on the weekend prior to an American Presidential election has been correctly predicting candidates who reside in The White House. For 64 years and 17 Presidential elections, if the Redskins won the game then the incumbent party won the White House. If Washington lost, then so did the imcumbant party. (Washington currently losing to Pittsburgh on Monday Night Football 16-6 entering the fourth quarter).

So what will it be? Tomorrow November 4, 2008, citizens of the United States of America will be holding one of the biggest elections in our country's history. Will a Redskins loss thrust Senator Barack H. Obama into history? Or will the Redskins make a big fourth quarter comeback predetermining Senator John McCain's successful bid for President?

Stay tuned. Tonight it's Pittsburgh vs Washington. Tomorrow, John McCain or Barack Obama will be the new leader of the free world.

(*Only one time, 2004, when Washington lost the imbumbant party retained the White House).



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