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Refs Bad Call Costs Bettor's Over $10,000,000.00

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by Digger

NFL refs were at it again this past weekend. All too often in 2008, NFL referee's calls on the field have cost teams potential victories. San Diego fell victim during their 39-38 loss in Denver when refs blew it. San Diego was back in the spotlight once again in week 11 at Pittsburgh.

On the games final play SD trailed Pittsburgh 11-10. They tried a desparation pass then multiple laterals hoping to miraculously score the winning touchdown with no time remaining. The trick play didn't work when Steelers Strong Safety Troy Polamalu batted the ball down, picked it up, and returned it for an apparent touchdown for what would have been at least a 17-10 Pittsburgh victory.

(view play here)

Pittsburgh had been favored to beat San Diego by 4 to 5 points in Vegas sports books. The seven point victory would have netted Pittsburgh betters over $10M in Nevada. Tens of millions more probably would have been won around the country through illegal bookies or other gaming establishments.

Game officials were slow to huddle after Polamalu scored. The play went to review.. the touchdown was overturned reverting the score back to Pittsburgh 11, San Diego 10. Game Over. Luckily, the denied touchdown did not effect the games' outcome. After the game, referee Scott Green said the officials realized afterward the touchdown should have counted, though it wouldn't have affected the result.

Not quite, the result affected betting fans over $10M in winnings!

Yellow flags went againt Pittsburgh all game long. San Diego was flagged twice (once on the blown call), while the Steelers were nailed 13 times. Many were left scratching their heads as to how SD only managed one penalty before the final play. Those who dig conspiracy theories have already been blogging away on team sites. NFL promises to investigate further and possibly amend replays next season.

It's been an interesting season for NFL officials. It would be tough to say games are being thrown. Games I've watched this year has left me feeling there are more non-calls than blown calls. It's the non-calls I sometimes call into question... especially when there's a ref in the vicinity of plays. It would be hard for anyone to suspect many fouls being invented while no calls have left some wondering what's going on.

The NBA survived the ref point shaving scandal as only one ref was found guilty. As for the NFL? No need for anyone to worry just yet. However, with all of the mis-steps in 2008 from refs apologizing after games to players and coaches comments, the NFL needs to do something. What exactly can be done is anyone's guess? Tougher guidelines and oversight would be a good starting point and perhaps some sort of game by game point ranking system designed to insure only the best of the best are allowed to officiate professional football games.

No matter if it's football, baseball, hockey, basketball or soccer... refs will never be perfect. Let's just hope they're always on the up and up. Games like this past weekend, in the wake of NBA's recent ref scandal, only creates doubts.

Notes: 11-10 final score was an NFL first after 12,837 games. Chargers remain winless in Pittsburgh, 0-13.


NFL Predictions Week 12 - Teams Fighting for Survival

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by Digger

It's NFL Week 12! Only six games remain to determine playoff bound teams. Last weekend showcased undefeated Tennessee improving to 10-0. Super Bowl Champion Giants (9-1) running attack steamrolled Baltimore. Jets (7-3) take over 1st in AFC East. Arizona (7-3) can clinch NFC West this weekend.

Week 12 Picks:

Cincinnati (1-8-1) @ Pittsburgh (7-3): Bengals salvaged at tie vs Philly in an ugly home game. Pittsburgh's RB Parker could be a nice fantasy pick with 6 straight td games vs Cincy. Steelers D has been outstanding. On offense, these guys should be blowing out opponents but can't seem to find the endzone. Pittsburgh gets win #8, 23-10.

Tampa Bay (7-3) @ Detroit (0-10): A must win game for Tampa to hold onto it's wild card lead while still challenging for NFC South title. These kind of games look like blowouts on paper. TB will win if taking their weak opponent seriously. Detroit is counting on newly signed QB Culpepper to lead this lowly bunch to victory. A tall order vs a disciplined Bucs D. Tampa Bay busts Detroit, 27-16.

Jets (7-3) @ Tennessee (10-0): Jets beginning to believe. Favre starting to look more comfortable leading Mancini's offense after a huge win over New England. Jets D is a big question mark. Big test vs Titans double back pounding attack. Tennessee keeps prevailing in close games. They'll have to contain Favre or control the clock to keep 10 game streak alive. Game of the Week. Favre throws and throws and throws. J-E-T-S stun Titans, 33-24.

Buffalo (5-5) @ Kansas City (1-9): What's happened to Buffalo? From 4-0/5-1 to 5-5 and last place in AFC East. No room left for a loss this weekend vs KC. Chiefs haven't looked good but they'll put on a show at home. Bowe, Gonzalez could dominate smaller defenders. Chiefs chop Bills, 21-20.

Chicago (5-5) @ St Louis (2-8): da Bears were whacked by GB last weekend 37-3. Chicago's offensive line needs to start playing better. Running game hasn't done much and QB's are running for their lives. Here's a chance for unity vs weak StL D. Rams are in trouble. No team chemistry. Bears win, 27-23.

New England (6-4) @ Miami (6-4): Patriots lost a heartbreaker (and 1st place) to Jets last week. They're facing a rejuvinated Miami squad. Pats need this one or face being on short end of tiebreakers. Dolphins won their first game of '08 in a 38-13 crusher in Foxboro. Pennington has been steady leading the offense. Wild Cat formation has made a star of HB Ronnie Brown. Must win game for both teams. These Fish can swim... 31-24.

Minnesota (5-5) @ Jacksonville (4-6): Vikings HB Peterson takes his running show on the road to sunny skies. Jacksonville has a running attack of their own. Two headed version of Jones-Drew and Taylor. This game will be won in the trenches. Jacksonville in a tight game, 17-16.

Philadelphia (5-4-1) @ Baltimore (6-4): HC Andy Reid must be sick to his stomach after poor playcalling vs Giants in week 10, and a tie vs lowly Cincinnati in week 11. Two missed opportunities lands Philly in NFC East cellar. QB McNabb is not a 4th quarter leader and has been quoted as not knowing tie's happen in NFL games. DUUUUH! Ravens got man handled by the Giants offensive line. They'll have no problems vs Eagles but still have a chore in trying to contain HB Westbrook. Ravens win if they don't turn the ball over... 23-14.

Houston (3-7) @ Cleveland (4-6): Houston trying to put pieces together. They only look good as a unit for brief moments. Cleveland is starting to wake up with Quinn at QB. Big Monday night win over Buffalo could energize this squad. Browns conquer, 27-17.

San Francisco (3-7) @ Dallas (6-4): SF romped over Rams 35-16 providing a much needed team spiritual boost. Big time challenge this weekend in Dallas. Cowboys won ugly last weekend but a win is a win. Romo & Co. have an opportunity to put up big points this weekend. They should be able to score at will. Dallas thumps Niners, 48-24.

Oakland (2-8) @ Denver (6-4): The only news worth reporting on Oakland is Jim Fassel's interest in coaching Al Davis' team. WHY? Denver won a big game down in Atlanta (24-20) last weekend. This weekend, QB Cutler will light up the skies. Denver crushes Raiders, 55-7.

Washington (6-4) @ Seattle (2-8): Redskins trying to rebound after a tough loss vs Dallas. Coach Zorn returns to the city where he starred as Seahawks QB. His team will be ready to impress. Seattle has been anything but impressive this year. Skins win, 27-10.

Giants (9-1) @ Arizona (7-3): New York's offensive line has been tremendous. HB's Jacobs, Ward and Bradshaw have been dubbed "Earth, Wind & Fire" by charging thru opposing defenses. QB Manning has been playing smart football. Defensive line has bruised and buried QB's. Game plan of controlling the clock and keeping signal callers off balance must be executed again on Sunday. An Arizona win clinches NFC West. Cards QB Warner is having an MVP type season. He has plenty of targets to exploit Giants lone weakness (secondary). Key to Cards having a shot is providing Warner solid pass protection. If they can, he'll throw for over 400 yards. Cardinals upset Giants, 41-27.

Carolina (8-2) @ Atlanta (6-4): Game of the Week #2. Carolina and Giants are on a collision course to play in NFC Championship Game. Panthers are tough in all aspects of the game. Falcons looking to rebound after a home loss to Denver. Biggest game of the season for an Atlanta team needing a win to stay one step ahead in NFC's crowded Wild Card race. Panthers claw their way to victory, 26-24.

Indianapolis (6-4) @ San Deigo (4-6): Indy is on a 3 game win streak after struggling in the seasons' 1st half. Manning is looking better. Addai had his 1st 100 yard game. Harrison finally woke up. Bad news for Chargers team looking for life vests. It's been a tough luck season for Chargers... only 1 of 6 losses have been by more than 7 points including two 1 point losses. Norv Turner's job will be on the line after this game. Indy 38-33.

Green Bay (5-5) @ New Orleans (5-5): Must win for both teams. Packers NFC North division has 4 teams tied at 5-5. It's make or break time for Packers. Should be able to build on 37-3 trouncing over Chicago. Saints need this one badly. After this weekend, New Orleans has only one soft game (Detroit)... all others vs powerhouse clubs. Green Bay survives aerial war, 36-27.



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