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NFL Week 14 Predictions

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Week 14:

San Diego (4-8) at Oakland (3-9): SD Romps in one sided matchup, 33-14.

Jacksonville (4-8) at Chicago (6-6): Bears fighting for playoffs, win at home 23-13.

Minnesota (7-5) at Detroit (0-12): Vicious when wounded Lions search for 1st win. Keep looking. Vikes 34-26.

Houston (5-7) at Green Bay (5-7): Texans playing tough. Pack looking for answers. GB 27-26.

Cleveland (4-8) at Tennessee (11-1): Titans in a laugher, 24-3.

Cincinnati (4-8) at Indianapolis (8-4): Manning picks apart Bengals, 41-7.

Atlanta (8-4) at New Orleans (6-6): Falcons win shootout, 37-35.

Philadelphia (6-5-1) at NY Giants (11-1): Plenty of hard hitting action. Giants win late, 23-20.

Kansas City (2-10) at Denver (7-5): Cutler & Co. 33-20.

Miami (7-5) at Buffalo (6-6): Fish out of water. Buffalo survives, 21-17.

NY Jets (8-4) at San Francisco (4-8): Jets inch closer to division title, 26-14.

New England (7-5) at Seattle (2-10): Patriots keep pace with NY, 44-14.

St. Louis (2-10) at Arizona (7-5): Warner picks apart old team, 36-10.

Dallas (8-4) at Pittsburgh (9-3): Key injuries to Dallas only helps Pit. Steelers roll, 27-23.

Washington (7-5) at Baltimore (8-4): Must win for Skins. Ravens win nailbiter, 20-17.

Tampa Bay (9-3) at Carolina (9-3): Game of the Week... AFC South up for grabs on MNF. Loser could drop into 3rd. Panthers win thriller, 26-24.

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by Digger

Orenthal James Simpson: once NFL star running back, once an actor, once accused of murdering his ex-wife (Nicole Brown) and her friend (Ron Goldman)... and now... convicted felon sentenced earlier today to serve 15-33 years behind bars (9 before parole hearing).

Sentencing Judge Glass commented: "Earlier in this case, at a bail hearing, I said to Mr. Simpson, I didn't know if he was arrogant, ignorant or both," Glass said. "During the trial and through this proceeding, I got the answer, and it was both." (

Good riddance O.J.

O.J. was another classic example of an athlete with the world at his fingertips... instead, he self destructed numerous times. His latest antics, as if being found liable for wrongful death and battery wasn't enough, were to hold people hostage at gun point in what he called an attempt to regain memorabilia. A million dollar celebrity with a ten cent head.

It's a relief to finally see this thug behind bars... 14 years too late. Better late than never in this case.

What makes certain athletes snap? Loss of stardom? Spending all their money before it's counted? O.J. isn't the only former star to fall hard. Some have committed rape, armed robbery, murder, muder for hire, racketeering, drug dealing, drug addicts, money laundering, illegal gambling, tax evasion, RICO etc.

OJ's arrogance for everything not OJ was his downfall. A star on the field and big screen... psychotic off. Trouble never followed OJ... he created it all. Right up until getting busted in Las Vegas this fool was still taunting the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

In his private life doing petty things such as beating up new girlfriends, stealing satellite transmissions, tax evasion and a few other minor offenses. He even authored "If I Did It" ... a first-person fictional account of the murder had he actually committed it.

Now off he goes to serve some hard time. Eligible for parole hearings in 9 years, sentenced to serve no less than 15 with a max of 33.

Bye-bye OJ. Maybe you can regain some celebrity status with your new shower buddies!


All World All Sports NCAA Men's Hoops Rankings

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by Digger

College Basketball 2008-09 has begun. North Carolina is the early season unanimous #1 in major roundball polls.

All World All Sports NCAA Men's Top 20:
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1) North Carolina
2) UConn
3) Pittsburgh
4) Duke
5) Oklahoma
6) Gonzaga
7) Texas
8) Notre Dame
9) Tennessee
10) Purdue
11) Xavier
12) Wake Forrest
13) Syracuse
14) Villanova
15) UCLA
16) Michigan State
17) Louisville
18) Memphis
19) Arizona State
20) Georgetown

Stay tuned for our college hoops player evaluator and coach reviews.


Flashback: 1979 Challenge Cup Series

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by Digger

1979 Challenge Cup Series: NHL All Stars vs USSR National Team

The Challenge Cup Series was a one time event back in 1979. I remember hoping this series would continue for years to come. USA vs USSR had a rich history of various competitions from Olympic Basketball to Gymnastics. In '79, the NHL cancelled their annual All Star Game (Wales vs Campbell) to play the Soviets in an exhibition showcased at New York's Madison Square Garden.

NHL All Stars included Guy LaFleur, Mike Bossy, Brian Trottier, Larry Robinson, Ken Dryden, Bobby Clarke and Marcel Dionne. A few Soviet stars were big time names in international circles: Vladislav Tretiak, Sergei Kapustin, Boris Mikhailov & Sergei Makarov.

The first two games were classic contests. I was 14 at the time and went to MSG with my Dad for Game 2. The Garden was electric. A sold out crowd was chanting and screaming throughout. NHL Stars seemed to have the game in hand leading 4-2 until surrendering three unanswered goals to blow it 5-4.

The Soviets speed was unmatched by North American hockey players. NHL style play in those days was largely dump the puck into corners and let the big guys get physical and dig out the puck. Soviets were too fast and above this style of play. Overall, they were quicker and NHL players who normally pounded opposing skaters played relatively hit free hockey. I remember wondering why NHL players were on best behaviour (light checking) instead of playing their normal heavy checking style... especially defensemen. Perhaps part of the problem was NHL players being too slow and outclassed by a more disciplined Russian squad.

I had always hoped for repeat series but the Challenge Cup was a one time deal. I keep waiting to view one of these games on ESPN Classic (never re-broadcast). Canada's stars and various NHL teams played head to head matchups vs many Russian teams during the 70's.

Hockey soon changed once European players arrived to play North American hockey. 70's era hockey is still my favorite. Hard hitting, heavy checking games featuring the likes of Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins, NY Rangers etc. The good old days.


Plaxico Burress Shoots - NYPD & Giants To Fire Back

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by Digger

"Hey Plaxico!"

What gives?

New York Giants WR Plaxico Burress accidently shot himself in the leg early Saturday morning while attending a Lexington Ave nightclub with teammate Antonio Pierce.

What an idiot.

Of course specific details haven't been released yet but it's pretty safe to say Burress will never wear a Giants jersey again. His antics from skipping practices, refusing to participate in practices, previous AWOL's, contract squabbles and clubhouse distractor... and now... a self inflicted gunshot victim... will not sit well with Giants ownership.

It's amazing how talented athletes can be in control while playing a game... and lose their marbles when mingling with civilians. What the heck was this guy thinking carrying a gun in New York City? Simplest of points... if safety was an issue then he never should have put himself in harms way.

Burress' team is dominating the NFL this season. Super Bowl Champs last season... odds on favorite to repeat. So why mess it all up? Mr. Pierce will be answering some questions for NYPD too.

Coach Tom Coughlin's team is no stranger to controversy. He keeps this group very well disciplined on the field. No injury, fathead or fumble has slowed this group of battle tested players.

Have fun limping around for the next few months Plax. Odds are your Giants career has just suffered a self inflicted shot too.

Let me not forget to mention a few potential felony charges stemming from possession of an illegal concealed firearm, discharging an illegal weapon and whatever else NYPD can throw in for kicks.



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