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It's been quite a week in sports. NBA & NHL Playoffs in full swing. There were a couple of memorable series going the distance and great matchups in progress. Tiger roared but missed his birdies at Quail Hollow. Kentucky Derby surprise winner and a few other items highlighted another busy week in sports.

News Makers
Tampa Bay Rays Carl Crawford set a modern day Major League record Sunday with 6 stolen bases vs Boston. So far in '09, he's stolen 17 without getting caught. 100 is set between the crosshairs.
Dallas Cowboys training facility was blown apart by a mini-tornado like strong winds (microbursts) causing injuries during rookie training camp. I'm pretty miffed at how easily this building collapsed in the face of 65 - 70 mph winds. Isn't Dallas/Irvine part of tornado alley? A few serious injuries... including a scout now paralyzed from the waist down and a coach heading in for back surgery. Lucky most escaped without harm. It could have been much worse.

Brett Favre a Viking? Rumors are heating up and I think this one will happen. Minnesota will sign free agent retiree #4 to a one or two year deal. Favre had highs and lows for the Jets last year. NY fans had fantasied Super dreams which never materialized. Favre took much of the blame for Jets dismal finish. I lay most of it on the doorstep of lousy playcalling. Favre's arm is still stronger than most and Minnesota is a great fit. He will instantly turn them into contenders. Minnesota has speedy wideouts, a great halfback and a quick young defense which would improve greatly once the offense stays on the field for more than 3 plays before punting. I suspect a deal will be announced by this coming weekend as teams prepare for camp.

50:1 longshot Mine That Bird wins Kentucky Derby! Let the Triple Crown talk begin.
Sean O'Hara survived finishing back-to-back bogies to win the Quail Hollow Championship. For awhile there it looked like Tiger was making another one of his famous late surges. He drove a par 4 tee shot onto the green but missed his short birdie putt for a 3 putt par.

More Chumps
Major League Baseball is investigating Alex Rodriguez. No official word why has been publicly released yet. It might have to do with allegations of steroids/HGH used outside the time frame he's admitted to? It could be from allegations stemming from a new book soon to be released coinciding with ARods return from baseball's disabled list. Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts penned "A-Rod" which casts another potentially dark cloud over one of the games biggest statistical giants. He's been accused of tipping off pitches to opposing batters while playing for Texas and juicing up as far back as high school. (Check out my previous blog from 4/30/09 for more). Baseball would love to put the HGH/steroid scandal behind. It'll be around for quite some time as debates will soon start when HOF ballots are counted. Get ready for more boo-birds ARod.


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