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Power Rankings: 5 x 10

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-Digger's Daily-

Congratulations New York Yankees. 27 World Series Championship is a record never to be matched by another organization. Here's a quick look at sports teams fighting for championship status.

My top ten power rankings for America's four major sporting leagues and college football.

MLB (2009 final top 10)
1- New York Yankees - No professional organization is more dedicated to winning than New York.
2- Philadelphia Phillies - Great young nucleus of talent. Poised to challenge for years to come.
3- Los Angeles Angels - Excellent organization. Great manager. Talented players.
4- Los Angeles Dodgers - LA will be very active this off-season piecing together a team to challenge #1.
5- Boston Red Sox - Didn't quite have all the winning formula this year. Big question marks surrounding aging pitching staff and veterans.
6- St Louis Cardinals - Will they keep this team or bring in new faces? They need more middle infield production.
7- Colorado Rockies - Very good young team. Solid pitchers, good hitters.
8- Minnesota Twins - All they need is pitching. Twins always find a way to win. Gardenhire one of baseball's best.
9- Chicago Cubs- 2009 was an off year. Very talented team.
10- SF Giants- Very strong young pitching staff is a great way to build on future success. SF reminds me of 1973 Mets. All pitching, no hitting. GM can create a super club with a few solid batters.

1- Indianapolis Colts - Undefeated. Looking Super.
2- New Orleans Saints - High powered offense in mold of 1984 Dolphins. Can they keep it up?
3- Minnesota Vikings - Favre silencing critics. Very good, strong young team on both sides of the line.
4- Pittsburgh Steelers - It was a rough beginning. Champs are back on track.
5- New England Patriots - Not winning pretty but coming on strong.
6- Philadelphia Eagles - A loss to Dallas will drop them from top 10. A win solidifies #6.
7- Denver Broncos - It's still early and jury is out after last week's loss.
8- Dallas Cowboys - Suddenly looking strong. Many questions surround this team. A win vs Philly will keep them on my list.
9- Cincinnati Bengals - Playing solid D for the first time in years.
10- ??? - Giants, Jets, Texans, Chargers, Cardinals? Who wants in? Too much inconsistency after top 9.

1- Boston Celtics
2- Los Angeles Lakers
3- Denver Nuggets
4- Orlando Magic
5- Cleveland Cavs
6- Dallas Mavs
7- Atlanta Hawks
8- Miami Heat
9- Phoenix Suns
10- San Antonio Spurs

2009-10 still to young.

1- Pittsburgh Penguins - Too tough. Cup in sight.
2- San Jose Sharks - Good regular season team. Can they finally win playoff games?
3- Buffalo Sabres - Getting stronger.
4- Colorado Avalanche - Look who's back!
5- Washington Capitals - Getting better every week.
6- NY Rangers - Great beginning.
7- LA Kings - Can they keep it up?
8- NJ Devils - Coming on strong. Will soon qualify in my top 4.
9- Philadelphia Flyers - Hungry for a Cup.
10- ??? pick'em - Take your pick.

NCAA Football
1- Florida - Remains #1... for now.
2- Texas - Might be best team in nation. Hungry for BCS title.
3- Alabama - Tough, tough team.
4- Iowa - Hanging tough.
5- Cincinnati - Undefeated. Gets no respect.
6- TCU - Can they keep winning?
7- Boise State - They want a higher ranking.
8- Penn State - Needs others to lose.
9- LSU - Great football program.
10- Georgia Tech - Needs help to climb rankings.



NFL Predictions: Week 9

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-Digger's Daily-

A couple of teams left for dead came alive last weekend. Was it a wakeup call or temporary reprieve? Carolina (3-4), Tennessee (1-6) and St Louis (1-7) registered much needed victories. New Orleans (7-0) put all naysayers to rest with a 35-27 win over Atlanta (4-3). Favre nailed 4 scores in Green Bay for his 2nd win over his former mates.

Week 9 has five very good games on paper. My game of the week pick is for 1st place in NFC East. Philadelphia (5-2) hosts resurging Dallas (5-2). My other must see games are Pittsburgh @ Denver (Monday), San Diego @ Giants, Miami @ New England, and Arizona @ Chicago.

My totals for last weekend were less than impressive, 7-6. Season total now stands at 73-43. Time to rebound. Here's how I see Week 9 (home team in BOLD):

ATLANTA 38 Washington 10 - Much needed win for Atlanta. Washington continues to deteriorate.

CHICAGO 28 Arizona 27 - Bears still seek continuity. Warner frustrated in Windy City.

CINCINNATI 23 Baltimore 21 - Bengals won 3 games by 3 points each. Here's another nailbiting victory.

INDIANAPOLIS 38 Houston 24 - Believe it or not, Houston could knock Indy from unbeaten ranks. I'm not willing to go out on a limb with my hunch of a Texans 28-26 upset.

NEW ENGLAND 31 Miami 24 - Dolphins ground attack will gobble up time of possession. Too bad for them Pats will find quick strike offense vs terrible Miami secondary.

Green Bay 33 TAMPA BAY 17 - Pack attack Bucs after let down vs Minnesota.

JACKSONVILLE 24 Kansas City 10 - Jacksonville is quietly within wild card contention.

NEW ORLEANS 40 Carolina 28 - Saints to 8-0.

SEATTLE 30 Detroit 13 - Sun is fading on Seahawks. Every game is must win.

Tennessee 24 SAN FRANCISCO 21 - Titans stunned Jax in Week 8. Titans stun SF Sunday.

GIANTS 31 San Diego 28 - Two struggling defenses exposed again. Eli Manning hasn't played well since injuring his foot 3 weeks ago. He says it's 100%. Results differ. Must win game for both squads.

PHILADELPHIA 33 Dallas 30 - This game will live up to its' billing. Won't be decided until the final 2:00. Winner climbs into sole possession of 1st in NFC East.

Pittsburgh 27 DENVER 17 - (Monday Night Football) - Champion Steelers on a 4 game streak after shaky beginning. Make it 5.



World Series Dreams Vs Reality

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-Digger's Daily-

Crisp cool autumn air transforms day into night. Click clak sounds echoing from squeaky dog wagons transform into charcoal aroma's eminating from street corner pretzel peddlers. Ticket holders by the thousands sidestep fellow visitors lining the sidewalks of baseball's Grand Cathedral. Sounds of snapping leather and crackling wood can be heard after passing through brick entrances. Excitement cannot be touched but it's felt by all anxiously making their way to designated seating areas.

Men wearing red and gray are slowly introduced soon to stand side by side on a 318 foot white line. Their opponents, dressed in white with black pinstripes, are enthusiastically greeted on their way to the 314 foot line on the fields opposite side. Deafening sounds reverberate throughout the confines. The ground begins to tremble. A stocky man dressed in all black bellows "Play Ball!" The World Series is now ready to begin.

Nearly all in attendance can tell of personal dreams of World Series greatness. Full count, two outs, bases loaded, bottom of the 9th, one hit wins the World Series... (crack)... "and there it goes!" Everyone's a hero in their own fantasy. Only a select few actually get the chance to live their fantasies.

Chase Utley must have exceeded his dreams. Philadelphia's second sacker has tied the all time record by hitting five home runs so far during the 2009 World Series. But, what about the player who thinks he's about to live his dream only to fall flat on baseball's biggest stage? That's what seems to be happening to two players who were near the top in prestigious offensive hitting categories.

Former National League Rookie of the Year (2005) and NL MVP (2006) Ryan Howard has quickly made a name for himself as one of the games greatest power hitting first basemen. He led the NL in RBI for the 2nd consecutive year (3 of 4). In 9 playoff games, Howard knocked in 14 runs during the first two playoff rounds. He was a World Series hero in 2008 when he smashed 3 HR in 5 games. After 5 games in 2009 Series, Howard appears dazed and confused. He has only 3 hits in 19 at bats. 12 of his 16 outs have been strikeouts. Howard's dream has become a nightmare. He's not the only one....

New York Yankees 1B Mark Teixeira tied for the AL lead in home runs (39) and led in RBI (122). His name has been tossed into a hat with other potential MVP candidates. However, in his first World Series appearance, Teixeira has been horrendous. 2-19, 7 K's. His best swings come on foul balls.

Both of these two fine players would like nothing more than to personally contribute to their teams success in winning the 2009 World Series. Goal number one is to win it all. Goal number two is to be an integral part of winning. So far, Philadelphia and New York are winning games without much input from their heavy hitting first basemen. Two players used to electrifying crowds are now recipients of heckled insults and collective sighing.

Howard and Teixeira visions of success have quickly dimmed. Dreams turned to nightmare. Fantasy to hallucination. There's still time for positive contributions. The winning team will bask in all glory associated with winning. The least productive will soon bear loser status and a most unwanted nickname... goat.




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