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NBA All Decade Team 2000-09

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-Digger's Daily-

The NBA put on quite a show this decade. New stars entered the league and quickly made names for themselves. Seasoned vets took their games to new levels. Phil Jackson's LA Lakers are my pick for team of the decade having won 4 NBA Titles.

Here's my list of 1st and 2nd team All Decade players:

First Team
PG- Steve Nash
SG- Kobe Bryant
F- Kevin Garnett
F- Tim Duncan
C- Dwight Howard
Coach - Phil Jackson

Second Team
PG- Jason Kidd
SG- Ray Allen
F- LeBron James
F- Dirk Nowitzki
C- Yao Ming
Coach- Gregg Popovich

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NFL Week 16 Predictions

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-Digger's Daily-

Yikes! Upon further review, week 15 turned out to be disasterous for NFL favorites and prediction makers. My picks finished up below .500 for the first time this season. 7-9 ate away at my percentages (season total now 143-81). Losers won and favorites embarrassed.

Playoff picture: NFC - 4 teams are locked in. Division clinchers Arizona (West), New Orleans (South) and Minnesota (North). Philadelphia (East) controls their own destiny. NFC Wild Card is down to three teams. Green Bay needs one more win to clinch. Dallas leads NY by one game but Giants own the tie-breaker having beaten the Cowboys twice this season.

AFC - Two teams have clinched division titles, Indianapolis (South) and San Diego (West). New England (East) clinches with one more win or a loss by East rivals. North division had looked to be a lock for Cincinnati but they're suddenly slumping (9-5) with Baltimore (8-6) getting hot. Wild Card picture is complicated. Baltimore and Denver are 8-6 and control their own fate. Close behind but needing help are six teams with 7-7 records. Week 16 should go a long way towards determining who makes this years' playoffs.

Time to pick Week 16 winners and losers (home in CAPS):

TENNESSEE 31 San Diego 27 (Friday) - BAH HUMBUG to the NFL scheduling scrooges who determined it was best to put this game on NFL Network instead of Christmas day by CBS, NBC, FOX or ESPN. So, if you're not paying extra or NFL Network or live in an area not offered NFL Network you're/we're scrooged out of watching (or being able to break away from family to visit a local watering hole to view) the AFC's two hottest teams square off. Tennessee began 0-6 and have won 7 of last 8. San Diego comes in riding a 9 game streak. Titans need this one to stay alive. Titans prevail in one of the best games of the year.

ATLANTA 20 Buffalo 14 (Sunday) - Nothing special here. Banged up Falcons vs boring Bills.

CINCINNATI 24 Kansas City 23 - Bengals (9-5) seemed like a lock to wrap up AFC North two weeks ago. This is a must win game vs KC and fantasy sleeper RB Jamaal Charles. Charles has td's in 4 straight and 5 of 6 games.

CLEVELAND 27 Oakland 16 - Browns 41-34 big play game vs KC was their first win scoring more than 13 points. Oakland stunned Denver 20-19. Both teams represent two of weakest NFL has to offer.

GREEN BAY 33 Seattle 14 - Packers (9-5) clinch wild card birth. Big game for Aaron Rodgers who should receive his share of MVP votes. Seattle (5-9) has been terrible once again in '09.

PITTSBURGH 27 Baltimore 24 - Steelers survived last weekends game and are clinging on life support. Ravens need this game to keep post season hopes alive. Big time rivalry game will showcase many bone crunching hits.

MIAMI 23 Houston 21 - This game can go either way. Run happy Miami will try dominating time of possession with their brutal ground game. If it works, they stand a good chance of winning. Texans hope Schaub to Johnson can burn Dolphins weak seconday for big plays.

NEW ENGLAND 30 Jacksonville 20 - One positive thing can be said about winning ugly. It's still a win. Pats have had plenty of ugly victories. Here's their chance to play a fluid game at home to wrap up AFC East. Third loss in a row eliminates Jags (7-7).

NEW ORLEANS 48 Tampa Bay 7 - Saints undefeated season came to an end vs Dallas. They'll take out their frustrations vs a severely overmatched Bucs team.

GIANTS 27 Carolina 17 - Giants need a win to stay alive. They usually have a tough time vs sub .500 teams. NY hopes for a repeat performance emulating their MNF slaughter vs Washington. Panthers trying to be spoilers. This is not a game I'd bet on.

SAN FRANCISCO 27 Detroit 13 - It's been an up and down year for the suddenly pass happy 49ers. Detroit continues to hope better days are coming. One can always hope.

ARIZONA 33 St Louis 3 - Warner torches former team again. RB Wells has been solid taking over for fumble prone Hightower.

INDIANAPOLIS 28 Jets 10 - Colts to remain unbeaten. Jets season comes to an end.

PHILADELPHIA 30 Denver 24 - A game of big plays. Eagles lock up NFC East.

WASHINGTON 28 Dallas 27 - Yep, I'm going with the 'Skins. Washington coming off of a low. Cowboys off a high. This often spells upset... especially when two big time rivals take the field. Dallas kicking game loses yet another contest and puts their season in jeopardy.

Minnesota 27 CHICAGO 10 - (MNF) - There's a tiff brewing in Minnesota after 2 straight defeats (11-3). Vikes were once my pick to represent NFC in Super Bowl. They get the job done on Monday night in the Windy City.

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When Heroes Fail

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-Digger's Daily-

Merriam-Webster OnLine Definition: "Hero" 1 a: a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability b : an illustrious warrior c : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities d : one that shows great courage
2 a : the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work b : the central figure in an event, period, or movement
3: plural usually heros
4 : an object of extreme admiration and devotion : idol

What makes sports heroes idol's? What happens when heroes self destruct? Sports heroes are treated as royalty. They're given keys to cities, honored by politicians, rewarded with millions for promoting products. But, what happens when they fall and what effect does it have on America's youth who look up to these "role models"?

Charles Barkley has always been a colorful figure. He was one of basketball's biggest names but he did not want the "role model" tag attached to his name and publicly stated so. Good for Charles. His message was be a fan but be yourself. He was ridiculed back in the day for making such a statement. He should have been applauded for telling it like it is. Be yourself kids.

The trouble with putting too much trust or hope in a celebrity is they often fall. And, when they do, it's a hard crash from a wish upon a star to an express train straight to hell. In some twisted cases, these falls are often embraced or emulated by naive fans. Here's a brief list of what one time heroes have become: murderers, drug users, rapists, adulterers, child beaters, animal abusers, liars, cheated in their sports, used illegal substances to enhance performances and the list goes on...

Tiger Woods recent saga should send a strong signal of the perils which accompany too much reliance on "idols" (celebrities). Over the past 20 years some of the most prominent have been the most corrupt. Head over to "" for more in depth reviews....

Pete Rose is baseball's all time hits leader and was banished forever because of betting on baseball. A charge vehemently denied for years until he wrote a book to come clean. Mike Tyson was to become the greatest heavyweight champion of all time until things turned ugly from rape to brawls to behaviour in the ring (ear biting). Barry Bonds broke many major baseball records including Hank Aaron's home run record but BB's connection in baseball's BALCO scandal is a pure disgrace. Mark McGwire's single season home run record has been tainted by performance enhancing drug abuse... and to this day, he refuses to comment about his past. Michael Vick was a well publicized energetic Atlanta Falcons star quarterback until we was jailed for running a dog fighting ring. My list is endless. All of these celebrated stars were thought of as role models (I left at least 50 more off). They were used as role models being promoted to anyone willing to follow. We were told this is what you can do battling long odds. Many became spokesmen for childrens groups. In my eyes, they will always be disgraces to their professions.

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