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Landis the Liar Now Admits Doping

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-Digger's Daily-

Here we go again. Another athlete who tirelessly denied doing anything illegal fesses up to what everyone already knew. Cyclist Floyd Landis spent years and thousands of dollars trying to convince the world he was innocent of any wrong doing. Yesterday, Landis attempted to come clean. He now admits to using performance-enhancing drugs for most of his career as a professional road cyclist, including the race whose title he briefly held (Tour de France).

Quoting directly from According to (Bonnie D. Ford, May 20, 2010):

"In a lengthy telephone interview from California, Landis detailed extensive, consistent use of the red blood cell booster erythropoietin (commonly known as EPO), testosterone, human growth hormone and frequent blood transfusions, along with female hormones and a one-time experiment with insulin, during the years he rode for the U.S. Postal Service and Switzerland-based Phonak teams."

Once a liar, always a liar. Landis went about cheating from day 1 as an amateur. Landis, in true cowardly fashion, is now practicing diversionary tactics. He's naming names to shift the spotlight. Ford's article further claims Landis is... "implicating dozens of other athletes, including seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong; team management and owners; and officials of the sport's national and international governing bodies."

Lance Armstrong spent most of his career under suspicion. Now, here comes a former teammate giving him up. True or false? Does it really matter anymore? Will Armstrong be the next to fess up? I'm amazed at the depths individuals, teams, leagues and officials go to cover up bad apples. World governments are experts in these deceitful practices. Anyone listening to Obama can figure out his words never match up with bills signed into law. Corruption from sports to politics is at an all time high. Reaping in millions by fabricating false stories or covering up devious actions only to come clean telling all what was known from day 1.

So, who's next to come forward about their past? In recent years headlines entertained us with Tiger Woods, Pete Rose, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Ben Roethlisberger, Gilbert Arenas and countless others. Tell me why these guys are treated as royalty?


Philadelphia Fans: Loyal & Classless

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-Digger's Daily-

Philadelphia. A city rich in sports tradition. Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia Phillies. Philadelphia Flyers. Philadelphia 76ers. Each had their fair share of time in the sun. Each produced a long list of beloved sports heroes and championship teams. Mike Schmidt, Robin Roberts, Julius Erving, Wilbert Montgomery, Chuck Bednerick, Reggie White & Bobby Clarke are just a few. Philadelphia is famously known as "the City of Brotherly Love". That is, unless you happen to root for an opposing player.

Philly has a long history and strong reputation of hosting rogue, rowdy fans. A long list of incidents have taken place in Philadelphia hosting stadiums and arenas. Even Santa Claus was soundly booed and snowballed during an Eagles 1968 halftime show soon to be made famous around the country by Howard Cosell's national sports tv show. Car fires, fields trashed, near riots, drunken spectacles and clashes with police led city officials to create a temporary prison at Veterans Stadium during football season. Current state of affairs demonstrate police seem fed up with unruly behavior when only two weeks ago a foolish fan was tased after streaking onto the baseball diamond during a Phillies game. Most recently, during Game 1 of NHL's Eastern Conference Finals, a Montreal sportswriter's car was badly vandalized during the Flyers/Canadians contest.

What's up Philadelphia? An extremely long history of pathetic actions during sporting events continues growing. To what end? For what purpose? Just to prove drunks should always be denied entrance to games? Who cares if a visitor roots for their team and against yours? What if it was your son, sister, daughter or wife getting pummeled, robbed and victimized? It's high time city officials enact legislation dictating extreme harsh penalties resulting from public disturbances at athletic events. Cut off all alcohol sales as your citizens have proven numerous times they cannot handle drinking responsibly. Team owners should be held to task for not hiring enough security to keep everyone safe. As the saying goes, it only takes one rotten apple to ruin it for everyone else. Time to crack down hard on unsavory Philadelphia fans.


2010 NBA Western Conference Finals Prediction

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"All World All Sports"

-Digger's Daily-

Buckle up. The Western Conference Finals start tonight. Two high flying offenses are ready for battle. Defending champion Los Angeles Lakers will shoot for their second consecutive title. A short lived turmoil was brewing as LA survived shaky early round performances. They'll need to solve a red hot Phoenix Suns squad fresh from a dominating sweep of San Antonio.

Coach Phil Jackson needs to keep LA's top guns fresh and role players focused at all times. Kobe Bryant leads LA shooters with 26.9 points/game. KB needs to do a much better job protecting the ball (3.7 turnovers/game) while creating opportunities for his supporting cast. Paul Gasol is averaging 20.2 points on 56% shooting. Key for LA is transition defense. Mental lapses, if any, will cost them dearly. When LA is on, their tops. Obviously, they'll have to play like champions for another shot at the title.

Look out LA, the Phoenix Suns seem to be doing everything right. It's been a total team effort. Phoenix has capitalized on opponents mistakes throughout this playoff season. On offense, they've been exploding to the hoop creating opportunities on nearly every trip down the floor. Almost everyone is putting the ball through the iron. Jason Richardson (21.9 - 51%), Amare Staudmire (20.5 - 51.4%) and Steve Nash (17.8 - 51.2%) lead starters. Bench players aren't afraid to put it up either. Phoenix roster has shot 47.6% in 10 playoff games including 42% of 3 point attempts.

Prediction: Phoenix and LA like to run. Both averaging over 100 ppg. It's all about Kobe in LA. Lakers bench cannot be counted on. Transition defense and ball protection are two major keys to this series. Wild card key to success is stamina. Both teams will be taxed after three quarters. Phoenix bench has been clutch. LA represents a most difficult challenge. Everyone's getting the job done for sharp shooting Suns. Phoenix stuns basketball world with a huge upset. Phoenix Suns in 6.

NHL 2010 Conference Finals

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-Digger's Daily-

Eastern Conference
(7) Philadelphia Flyers vs (8) Montreal Canadiens: Nobody predicted the 7th and 8th seeds would square off to represent the East. Here they are nonetheless. Both teams are coming off exciting rounds. Philadelphia trailed Boston 3 games to none in the series and 3-0 in Game 7 to stun the Bruins. Montreal went toe to toe with Pittsburgh surviving a grueling 7 game series. Key to this series relies on Montreal's ability to stop Philadelphia's flying attack and for others to find the net besides Mike Cammelleri (12 goals) and Brian Gionta (7 goals). All Flyers lines have been applying heavy pressure on opposing netminders led by Mike Richards (17 points), Danny Briere (15), Chris Pronger (11) and Claude Giruox (11). These two split the season series 2-2. Prediction: Flyers in 6

Western Conference
(1) San Jose Sharks vs (2) Chicago Blackhawks West's top two teams go head to head. Chicago took the regular season series 3-1 including two in OT. This one will go the distance. Joe Pavelski's 9 goals lead San Jose shooters who will have their hands full vs a tenacious Chicago mid ice game. Jonathan Toews has been setting up teammates (14 assists) and figures to do more of the same. All games should go down to the closing minutes. Prediction: Chicago in 7



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