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Giants Fumble NFC East

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-Digger's Daily-

The New York Giants (9-5) played strong football for a little more than 3 and 1/2 quarters this afternoon against Michael Vick's Philadelphia Eagles. During the week Giants pass rusher Justin Tuck vowed the team would "finish" without any let downs. Today, New York led Philadelphia 31-10 with 8:17 to go. One mistake after another... after another... and yet, another... led to the final mistake and 38-31 loss as time expired. "The Miracle in the New Meadowlands" was pulled off again by Philadelphia.

Players, assistant coaches and head coach Coughin all contributed to the newest Giants meltdown vs the Eagles. At stake was the NFC East division title. A win would have put the Giants in control of their own destiny at 10-4. A potential to win a much desired first round playoff bye loomed in the picture. It wasn't to be and "The Miracle at the New Meadowlands was born"

For those of you old enough to remember November 19, 1978 ... it's remembered by Giants fans as "The Pisarcik Fumble" and by Eagles fans as "The Miracle in the Meadowlands". All the Giants had to do to secure victory was for QB Joe Pisarcik to take a knee and run out the game clock. Instead he tried a handoff, fumbled, Eagles recovered and ran it in for a game winning touchdown. Today's game ended very differently but the result was the same. Another giveaway by the Giants.

Michael Vick ran for over 100 yards during Philadelphia's final two drives. With Philadelphia down by 14 points, they tried an onside kick. Apparently, the only people in attendance who didn't it with just over 5 minutes remaining were Giants coaches and special teams players. Philly recovered the kick setting up another score. Giants gave the ball back to Vick after 3 weak plays. Eagles tied it with 1:16 remaining.

Ultimate buffoonery rests inside New York's punters brain as time was running out in regulation. He was told by everyone on the sidelines (coaches and players) to punt the football out of bounds. Doing so would let time expire setting up a sudden death overtime showdown. So what does their rookie punter do? He kicks it right down the middle of the field to Eagles returner DeSean Jackson. 65 yards later the game was over. Implosion completed. NFC East lost. Eagles celebrate. Giants remain in stunned disbelief.

“I’ve never been around anything like this in my life,’’ Tom Coughlin said afterward. “It’s about as empty as you get to feel in this business, right there.’’

How quickly things change. In a New York minute the Giants went from being in 1st place to now fighting for their playoff survival. The road to the Super Bowl just got a lot longer. Rebounding from a home loss with so much at stake will not be easy. New York papers and local sports radio quick to sack coach Coughlin's and team. Defensive schemes invited and set the stage for big plays by Eagles offense. Giants offense went to sleep and couldn't make essential first downs. Special teams failed to defend an onside kick and brain blip by punter who failed to kick out of bounds. Fans want heads on a platter.

To make matters worse, New York put their divisional arch rival Philadelphia Eagles in the driver's seat. Philly's now squarely focused on winning home field advantage. These guys have the firepower to go all the way. The battle for NFL supremacy is wide open. Giants fumbled away NFC East.



In Case You Missed It...

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-Digger's Daily-

Major League free agent news stole headlines this week. Philadelphia Phillies snatched up coveted starting pitcher Cliff Lee leaving fans in New York and Texas stunned. Yankees fans shouldn't be surprised. I don't think the Yanks ever had a shot at landing Lee. Instead, he probably used the millions offered by New York as leverage for a better deal elsewhere. Texas fans are feeling stiffed. Perhaps they were a bit naive by believing Lee was coming back if he declined Yankee millions. Hats off to the Phillies for sneaking in at the last minute. Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. All or relatively young. Phils have them all locked up for another 3 seasons. Phils clearly the NL's top team. At least on paper.

Dolphins vs Jets game produced queasy results for New York's Coach Ryan. QB Sanchez has been horrific of late after very positive results. He looks hesitant, lost and shaken after the Patriots destroyed team confidence during a 45-3 thrashing on MNF two weeks ago. Jets offense has been grounded. No touchdowns since November 25th. Next up Pittsburgh. Good luck. Jets have been under fire ever since their strength and conditioning coach, Sal Alosi, intentionally tripped Miami Dolphins special teams gunner Nolan Carroll. Replays clearly show Alosi sticking his knee in the path of Carroll who subsequently became injured. It's now been discovered, Alosi had instructed Jets players to stand toe to toe forming a human wall. There's nothing wrong with a wall unless someone intentionally interferes with game play. Alosi has been suspended and fined by the Jets. NFL officials may or may not take action. Considering the deliberate nature of this episode the NFL will be compelled to take action.

Brett Favre's final season has been anything but enjoyable for the future Hall of Fame quarterback. Team struggling, coach fired, turmoil and on Monday night.... Favre's NFL record 297 consecutive game starts ended due to injury. Favre's played injured most of 2010. However, a big time sack two weeks ago left his shoulder weakened and numb. It's doubtful Favre will play again this year unless it's simply to take a curtain call before hanging up his spikes forever. Favre joins a long list of retiring players who couldn't pull off one more magical season.

Minnesota's Metrodome will not be ready for play after caving from snow. Vikings will host next Monday's game in University of Minnesota's out door facility. Football outside in Minnesota. They way the game was meant to be played. Is anyone out there old enough to remember when the Vikings played all of their games in natural conditions during the Bud Grant era? Purple People Eaters? Tarkington to Rashad? Chuck Foreman? Those were the Vikings glory days.



NFL Predictions: Week 15

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-Digger's Daily-

Metrodome roof collapses. Brett Favre became the second iron man to have his streak broken in Detroit. So did Lou Gehrig. Week 14 was filled with highlight reel moments. Some better than others. Washington lost on a bad extra point snap. Oakland went to sleep after tying Jacksonville. Aaron Rodgers was KO'd by Detroit and Green Bay lost 7-3. Running backs ruled... Torain rumbled for 172 yards, Stewart 133, McFadden 128, Hightower 148, McCoy 149.

Playoff pressure intensifying week to week. Suddenly, the self proclaimed Super Bowl Jets can't score or win. Defense no longer making big plays and QB Sanchez is completely out of rhythm. Division foe New England is firing on all cylinders. Tom Brady is clearly the leagues player of the year. Over in the NFC it's possible a 10 win team will be sitting home when playoffs begin games on tv while a NFC West team wins their division with a losing record. It's been an anything can happen season.

11 correct picks last weekend. Season record improves to 115-86.

WEEK 15 (home in CAPS)
CHARGERS 34 49ers 14

Browns 23 BENGALS 20
COWBOYS 41 Redskins 17
Texans 33 TITANS 10
Jaguars 31 COLTS 27
Chiefs 17 RAMS 16
DOLPHINS 23 Bills 21
BUCS 24 Lions 20
PANTHERS 14 Cards 13
RAVENS 28 Saints 24
GIANTS 33 Eagles 30
Falcons 24 Seahawks 3
STEELERS 17 Jets 0
RAIDERS 34 Broncos 13
PATRIOTS 38 Packers 14

Bears 26 VIKINGS 17


Philadelphia Phillies: Dynasty in the Making?

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-Digger's Daily-

Roy Halladay. Roy Oswalt. Cole Hamels. Introducing returning fan favorite... Cliff Lee. Philadelphia Phillies fans get ready to watch great baseball for years to come. Barring any major physical setbacks, the 2011 Phillies starting rotation rivals some of the greatest ever.

Living up to hype is always difficult. Philadelphia management should be commended on pulling off this stunner of a move. All eyes were sharply focused on New York Yankees vs Texas Rangers as front line contenders to sign baseball's most coveted 2011 free agent. I'm not surprised at all by his decision to spurn New York after the vicious treatment bestowed upon his wife at Yankee Stadium during the ALCS. Texans staying up late Monday night were hit hardest. Rangers fans heard the news of Lee turning down the Yankees multi-year multi-million dollar offer and started celebrating prematurely. They were certain Lee was about to return for another season in Arlington. Moments later the news of Lee to Philadelphia hit the airwaves. Rangers fans are in a state of disbelief. Phillies fans will be celebrating for a long time to come.

Will the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies dominate baseball behind their star studded rotation? Next moves better be to settle a very erratic bullpen. Once accomplished, the Phillies will have a legitimate shot of four 20-game winners. 110+ wins seems well within reach. 115? 120? Don't forget about their potent lineup and solid all around defense.

Dynasties are created over years. Phillies have been NL East champs four years running. Two time NL champs. One World Series. They've just locked up the East for another 3 years in my book. Plenty of minor league talent on the rise. Trade-able players on the major league roster. These guys are clearly in the drivers seat able to maneuver through most hiccups teams normally encounter during a season.

It's Philadelphia's time. How will they be remembered in baseball history? As a dynasty of the early 2000's? Or, as what could have been if...?



Power Rankings: Week of December 12

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-Digger's Daily-

San Antonio (20-3) has the early season hot hand in the West. Dallas (19-4) is right on their trail. Its' been the Amare Stoudemire show on Broadway leading the Knicks (16-9) to 8 consecutive victories. Carmelo Anthony is pressing to become a Knick by disclosing intentions not to sign a lucrative $65M extension unless he's traded to New York. NBA has been action filled in 2010. Here's how they rank thru Sunday's games.

TOP 10
1 - San Antonio
2 - Boston
3 - Dallas
4 - Lakers
5 - Miami
6 - Oklahoma City
7 - Orlando
8 - Utah
9 - Atlanta
10- New York

NHL's worst team? Is there any doubt? No. New York Islanders (5-17-5) own this unfortunate distinction. New York lost out in a bid for a new arena. Front office is and has been one of the league's worst for years. As bad as things are for Islanders fans, Devils fans are perplexed to find their team only 3 points ahead of NY.

On the bright side. Pittsburgh (21-8-2) is the only 20 game winner so far after beginning the season 6-7-1. Sidney Crosby (Pit) leads all NHL point scorers (51) and goals (26).

TOP 10
1 - Pittsburgh
2 - Detroit
3 - Philadelphia
4 - Washington
5 - Montreal
6 - Boston
7 - Vancouver
8 - Dallas
9 - Phoenix
10- Los Angeles

It's official. Brett Favre's NFL record 297 consecutive game streak is over! It's been a miserable season in Minnesota. Coach fired, team struggling, players hurt and Vikings losing more than they win. Favre's final NFL is not quite what Minnesota fans wished for after their team came within a couple of plays of advancing to last year's Super Bowl.

Winter weather crippled the northwest over the weekend. Giants plane was diverted away from Minnesota due to a blinding blizzard. Making matters worse, the Metrodome roof caved in from immense weight of snow (video) The game was canceled and rescheduled for play tonight at 7:20 pm in Detroit.

The playoff picture is cloudy. Many teams are in the hunt with only three games to go. Huge divisional battles looming in upcoming games.

TOP 10
1 - New England
2 - Pittsburgh
3 - Atlanta
4 - New Orleans
5 - Philadelphia
6 - New York Giants
7 - Chicago
8 - New York Jets
9 - Baltimore
10- Green Bay




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