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In response to: 2011 Major League Baseball Predictions

theghost [Member]
Crawford must have read your MVP predict. LOL.
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In response to: 2010 World Series: Texas Rangers vs San Francisco Giants

sirleonard [Visitor]
Toughest Series in years to predict. Very even teams except for Texas bats.
Rooting for Giants.
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In response to: All Time Baseball Lineups

Digger [Member]
These teams were difficult to narrow down. Reflex thinking had me penciling in franchises best all timers at first. Focus was to select players I watched over the years. Best players didn't always make it either as favorites came into play (including role type reserves/relievers). Players such as "The Stork" (come on Mets fans... wake up those memories) almost made the cut too. Now that I think of it... I may add a "PH" section.
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In response to: Did ESPN Ask Coaches to Call Time Outs for Cash?

Digger [Member]
Mind boggling. I'm glad Fisher exposed what went down. He must be fed up with this kind of stuff.
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In response to: American League Championship Series Preview

Digger [Member]
Texas has so far. Yanks bats alive vs Wilson this afternoon (Game 5).
Welcome back Sir Leonard.
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In response to: American League Championship Series Preview

sirleonard [Visitor]
Rangers sticking it too lifeless Yankees.
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In response to: NLCS & NFL Blacked Out

sirleonard [Visitor]
Bad timing ticking off paying customers during playoff and football season. Insulting when subsequent billing reflects increased monthly charges certainly coming down the pike once this issue is settled.
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In response to: NCAA & NFL Power Rankings Shake Up

sirleonard [Visitor]
How are you determining NCAA rankings?
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In response to: Did ESPN Ask Coaches to Call Time Outs for Cash?

sirleonard [Visitor]
Sensational synopsis! Fan gauging has reached new depths. Your NFL is in on the revenue fix by inserting themselves as fixers for network money.
I conclude these acts as despicable.
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In response to: The Silent Conspiracy Puppeteers

Digger [Member]
Guest writers always welcome. Submit your requests via email for consideration.

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In response to: NFL Predictions: Week 1

sirleonard [Visitor]
Digger, glad to see your predictions are back. I won a few office pools last season mimicking your crystal ball.
Keep it up.. try to post earlier in the week for us cheaters.
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In response to: Random Thoughts: Predicting Final 2010 MLB Standings

naoki [Visitor]
Phils over Yanks? Really? Halladay, Oswalt & Hamels plus a healthy Utley? I think you may be right.
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In response to: Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and.... Rats!

sirleonard [Visitor]
Flat out nasty. I'd love to read a report from across the pond football stadiums (Britain, Ireland, South Africa). I don't even want to think about it. Blah!
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In response to: LeBron James Getting Trashed for Choosing Heat

Digger [Member]
Hello Stuart,
You're right. Ignored by too many. In today's media world it seems as though the "in" thing to do is trash someone or suppress news altogether.
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In response to: NFL 2010 Preseason Predictions - NFC East

Digger [Member]
Yes, the Giants will win the East unless they repeat massive key injuries. NY lost db's, offensive & defensive lineman, wr's etc. They're entire offense was thrown for a loop trying to compensate. Fill ins were unable to right the ship. 2010 is a new season. If healthy, they're the team to beat in NFC East.
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In response to: NFL 2010 Preseason Predictions - NFC East

sirleonard [Visitor]
Giants? Really? Dallas is loaded with talent. It's their time.
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In response to: NFL Rumblings: 1st & Goal or 4th & Long?

sirleonard [Visitor]
Outstanding. In your opinion why do these mega-millionaires continue self destructive activities? Have you considered a riches to rags segment?
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In response to: Underdogs Leading NL Division Races

sirleonard [Visitor]
Great! How about some 2nd half predictions? Do you think Mets fans are being set up for another September collapse? Can Colorado rekindle past late season hot streaks?
I'm an American League fan. Can my White Sox stay hot? How about Texas?
I haven't commented lately but everyone here at work loves your stuff. Keep it coming!
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In response to: Early Season AL MVP Race

Digger [Member]
Naoki, where have you been? NL is being written right now.
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In response to: Early Season AL MVP Race

naoki [Visitor]
Nice report Mr. Digger. Hard arguing against any of your selections. Cano has baseball's best swing. Cabrera has carried Detroit. Vlad and Beltre shouldn't be discounted. How about NL players?
PermalinkPermalink 06/23/10 @ 15:22
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